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Lunch Actually Dating Agency Review

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    • Originally posted by FireIce:

      so u from LA? icon_lol.gif

      Actually you will be suprised to know I am not from LA nor am I here to help them. I am here just to write what are the lame things that LA might say to defend themself icon_lol.gif

      LA: We are asia's premier dating agency setup since 2004. We have 12 years of experience in this industry. All thse bad comments are written by competitors and loser members who cannot find their partner 

      Clarification: California fitness has a longer history than LA but it closed down which could be the evntual outcome for LA too 

      It does not matter whether the bad comments are written by competitors or loser members. What is important is that its the truth icon_lol.gif

      LA: We also have success stories and happy members

      Clarification: Every dating agency and even dating apps also have success stories and at least 1 happy member. Please try harder to defend yourself icon_lol.gif

      LA: We have more success stories than other dating agencies

      Clarifcation: Please don't anyhow make a claim. Please show us the figures and solid evidence on whats the precentage of success stories you have icon_lol.gif

      LA: Our prices is not unreasonable. Its on par with the prices of other dating agencies such as Its just Lunch, Society W etc

      Clarification: That does not mean that your price is reasonable. It just means that there is a high chance that you will eventually close down together with all these other dating agencies icon_lol.gif

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    • I know a former employee of Lunch Actually, and from what she has told me, I have to agree with some of the points raised below. It is true that members are "rated" and those with good ratings and are more eligible are "used" often for 1st dates to create a good impression and reduce chances of refunds. Often, after that, not much thought goes into the matching. Sometimes members call up to ask why they were matched with someone and the consultants can't even give a reasonable answer. They claim to discuss among themselves in order to match since not all consultants meet all members, but that is not true. To hit their "quota" of number of matches and dates per month, they just do it as quickly as possible.

      Also true that there are lots of women in their database, so the men get many dates, sometimes 3 a week, while some women wait 6-8 months for one. Some clients are smart and try to get into consultant's good books with frequent visits with gifts or food, so they get more attention and better matches. But I suppose that's how it works anywhere. 

      The coaching videos seem really dumb as well- teaching things like how women should have long hair and nice makeup to get a man etc. 






      Originally posted by Jamiemoh83:


      Please do NOT join Lunch Actually Dating Agency

      1) Lunch Actually (LA) claims to match you with someone 'holistically' and taking into account your "preferences". They claim that the only thing they do not guarantee is chemistry. It is NOT true. While most of the time, LA members are truthful abt their personal details, LA will LIE about it in order to 'create' a match. They can LIE abt anything just to push out a date. Eg, if you say you don't want to meet someone who drinks heavily, LA will LIE to you and cheat you into going on a date which they 'have painstakingly looked through and is a high match'. One date cost a few hundred dollars, and you end up meeting someone you will not even consider. Your date also ends up wasting his/her time as he/she had given truthful details to LA without knowing that LA had lied to you. Your preferences are not important to LA. Your money is.

      2) LA has more female than male members. Ladies can wait up to 8 months in between dates. Man gets one or two dates per month. Chances are, the female members will end up getting hitched by someone through their own social circle and forfeit the rest of their package (that means LA gets to keep the money). Although it seems like the man has a wider pool of selection, male members are likely to end up going on dates with people who are poorly matched.

      3) LA allows members to request for a full refund within 7 days after going on their first date. If you are not happy with your first date, you can get all your money back. So, you are likely to get someone decent on your first date. And GOOD LUCK for your subsequent dates. You first date may be someone you are looking for as LA may have matched him/her according to your criteria just to give you a false good impression. BUT you may not be matched according to your date's preferences. So you will still end up wasting a date because the other party is not interested in you.

      Some unlucky people (possibly those who appear nice and received decent/good feedback from their first few dates) will be unofficially 'selected' by LA (without their knowledge or consent of course) to be the first date or 'service recovery' date for other LA members. It means that whenever LA gets a new/difficult customer, they will pick this 'selected' candidate out to go on a date with their new/difficult members. If you are granted the 'honor' of being 'handpicked' by LA to do the 'job', you are likely to end up with dates with new members or angry people who have just complained abt LA. (since LA gets a lot of complains). To make things worse, if the LA member is someone LA knows that you will not be interested in, LA will either LIE to you about their particulars or keep you in the dark. Eg, Member A complains about LA or his/her previous bad date. LA will do service recovery by giving member A a free make up date. Then LA will go to their "nice members list" and pick member B to go on a date with member A. However, member A is a smoker and LA knows that there's no way member B will agree to go out with someone who smokes. So LA will either LIE to member B or keep member B in the dark. In other words, LA makes use of their members to help them make more money from other people.

      4) Whenever LA's lies were found out and exposed, they will either insist that it was the member who had given them the wrong information (which is not always true) or they will brush it off by offering a free make up date. There's no point taking up the make up date because the same problem will repeat.

      5) LA has 'highly trained' consultants with high turnover rate. The consultants seem to be ONLY trained to be polite, politically correct when communicating with their members and pushing members to sign up for their workshops. They are not genuine about helping their members get a good date. The matching is done using a computer system anyway. Members' details and/or preferences are manually tweaked or almost completely changed in order to increase the number of matches (drastically). Any Tom or Harry can be matched to Jane or Mary.

      LA charges higher prices than all other dating agencies in Singapore. Save your money and time. Do NOT join LA.


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    • https://www.pissedconsumer.com/company/lunch-actually/clarification-from-lunch-actually-20170109987873.html



      Anonymous Jan 22 #1274572

      If this is true, it means LA will rather spend 100k to hire lawyers to take legal action against their customers who complain about them, rather than to give their customers some proper compensation?
      I can imagine even if LA wins the case, their customers will not have money to compensate them and they will just declare bankrupt so LA will not get anything even if LA wins the case
      Once the case is published in the newspaper, nobody will dare to join LA anymore
      What a joke

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      Anonymous Jan 18 #1272701

      I kind of guess correctly that Lunch Actually is making use of their SDN Accreditation status to mislead the readers.
      It is stated in SDN website that SDN does not have the power to settle any complains made by customers. SDN will just refer you to court to settle it
      Step 3: Independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
      If the dispute remains unresolved, SDN will direct the parties to an independent Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) body, such as the Small Claims Tribunal, Singapore Mediation Centre or CASE.


      Anonymous Jan 13 #1270256 Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

      Lol got exposed.
      Say case is resolved but actually is just threaten her to remove it
      Will tell all my friends who are single to blacklist this company

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      Anonymous Jan 12 #1270027

      The writer of the post is Annie Tan
      Just like the rest of the members who complained about Lunch Actually bad services, she was not offered any form of compensation
      LA told her they will take legal action against her if she does not remove the post that she originally wrote at lunchactuallyreviewsg.wordpress.com
      Enough said

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      LunchActually to Anonymous Jan 18 #1272622 Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

      Dear Anonymous, 
      I just checked our database, and we do not have a customer name Annie Tan. If you really know a Lunch Actually member who is upset with our service, please get him or her to contact us. 
      Please get in touch and allow us to make this right. You may call us at 6532 0010 or email us at [email protected]

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      Anonymous Jan 11 #1269245

      I know the person who create the post. 
      This is the true story
      When she meet up with LA, LA simply inform her to remove all her posts or LA will sue her for defamation
      Thus, she had no choice but to remove all her posts and say that the case is resolved
      SDN is an accredition body and is unable to make judgement on accreditied dating agencies
      Please do not mistake SDN as a court where the judge can make a judgement. Even if members wants to complain to SDN, they will not have the evidence to prove that LA lied

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      LunchActually to Anonymous Jan 18 #1272620 Singapore, Singapore, Singapore

      Dear Anonymous, 
      We work closely with SDN as the govern the Matchmaking and Dating industry in Singapore. In order to be accredited by SDN, we are required to deliver a high level of service to our customers, and abide to their rules and regulations in our business dealings. On top of that, we have a fair refund policy for our customers who are very unsatisfied with our service. 
      We are in the industry where our happy customers prefer to keep their identity private, and upset customers may take their complaint online. We work closely with our customers and we try our best to resolve all customer dissatisfaction. After we performed our service recovery, there are customers who would gladly remove those complaints online. 
      In any case, we apologize for your negative experience with us. Please get in touch and allow us to make this right. You may call us at 6532 0010 or email us at [email protected]

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    • Originally posted by Jamiemoh83:

      Lunch Actually once again uses its age old stragety of giving free membership to bloggers to write good reviews about LA in order to cover up all the bad reviews about them

      Unfortunately, Wei Ting Tan and Tan Ling exposed their methods. Heads up and credit to them



      Wei Ting Tan

      All the bad comments on LA can be found here


      Note that on 13 December 2016 there were suddenly 3 different comments with 3 different names saying good reviews on LA posted there.

      Doesn't take a genius to know that it is probably written by the same person related to LA

      With so many bad comments about LA, join at your own risk and remember that if the matches are no good, there are no ways you can cancel to get a refund. You can only go to small claims court to lodge a case but it will be very troublesome and even if you win the case you will not get a full refund

      Google lunch actually review and you will only see bad comments and good comments written by bloggers who got free membership for LA in order to write good comments about LA

      After being in business for 12 years, LA don't even have any proper good reviews on them online

      $2600 for 10 dates package + $888 for shopping trip + $3900 for coaching = $7388.

      What makes you think we are single, rich and stupid to join Lunch Actually?

      I think it's important for word to get out about LA's methods.

      It's almost like preying on singles who are already down on their love lives, to further lose whatever money they have left. End up no love and no money. Can't imagine poverty will make them any more desirable.

      Before you go spend money on lunch actually, try to look for urself in social media. Spending money will be de last resort to do.

      But to be honest la, sg girl quite realistic. No car dun wan go out w u. No minimum 6k dun wan go out w u. Out of 10 gals only 3 gals is down to earth.

      Lunch Actually are all out there to earn money with no quality to talk about. Even some big agency only market their service with "yes" to all the questions but after you join, a different thing emerge.

      For example, they use "we need to carefully select the prospective partner. Thus, it takes approx 5 months for us to find a match". In reality, they don't really care about the selection criteria and would look for one when the 5th month is near. Between first to fourth month, they would use their time to organise other events instead. They would also say they got some proprietary computer program to find your match but in reality, it is simply manual matching.

      1. Does your organisation give assurance that your service can achieve its intended result or prevent or reduce , undesired effects?

      2. How does your organisation determine the knowledge necessary to achieve conformity of your services ?

      3. How does your organisation determining the requirements for your services ?

      4. Are your organisation able to fulfil and understand the customer requirements ?

      5. Do your organisation from time to time review the customer requirement to achieve it service as promise?

      6. Have your organisation establishing any specific requirement for contingency actions, when relevant?

      7. Do your organisation able to meet the claims for your services that it offers?

      8. How does your organisation exercise care in protecting customer's information that provided for use?



      What if I join Lunch Actually and pay $7388 and I am still single after that? icon_rolleyes.gif

      All these bad comments have been deleted by Vulcan Post who keep on giving free advertisement to help Lunch Actually icon_rolleyes.gif

      The best part is after the post has been published by Vulcan Post, Lunch Actually staffs will go to facebook to click "like" to all these free advertisements icon_rolleyes.gif

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