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The Art Of Flirting by Callan

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    • Credits to Callan. Great Work! Mr. Green

      The art of flirting.

      I do not think there is any exact method or way to flirt, it is just plain creativiy. Well, that is the flirting part, but I still think that creativity is what most people will call a in-born talent, so I thought about it and reasoned that there would be other ways that can be trained. Or should I put as taught.

      It is simple, just learn how to treat woman right, respect a woman and you would earn their respect back as a man. How to treat a woman right? Many has ask me, but I can't say any exact methods again, but I gather a few guidelines that should be pretty decent.

      1) Say the right things at the right time
      This I reckon is a skill of vasic PR, a skill which many know exsist but do not know how to excercise. It simply means to be sensitive enough to read body languages, hidden meanings in words and actions. After your gather such info, analyze, use logic to decide whether it would be good to say something you want to say now, and or what to say.

      2) Do not save on compliments
      Why would you want to save on them? Compliments does good only when they are heard, not unsaid. It also helps to make a woman know what you like about her, and what are her strenght, in this way, you give her confidence and spiritual support.

      3) Be Gracious and forgiving
      Do not remember faults of others but rather your own, you can see a person in better light this way. Thus she would be more easily aceeptable to you would she not? Be gracious, nobody likes a petty man, and of course woman included.

      4) Be romantic, but keep things simple
      To be romantic does not mean that you got to spent hundreds of dollars on every date or such, but to be romantic can simply means the words you say, the things you do, the place you are in, e.t.c. You can have a satr gazing night by the beach and not spent much but still be romantic. But of course you have to spent to spice things up once in a while but do not over do it, else the woman would feel like she is being bought.

      5) Do not make her feel obligated
      Do not go around doing things and then tell her that you are doing it for her and such. It makes her feel obligated to entertain you. And you do not want that, for once the obligation is over, so is her "feelings" for you. Just do things sincerely, for no purpose as to impress or make her obey. There is no point in such, it would become a trade then.

      6) Little things do count.
      It is not so much the big things that count that much to woamn, or I would rather say that it is not only the big things that counts. Simple thingsl ike opening the door, pulling out her chair over dinner, sending her home, constanyl assuring them how nice they look just means as much to them as would when you buy a diamond ring. So do not forget these little things for they mean a lot too.

      9) Touchy no no
      You dun around touching woman just because you think they want you to. Most of the time they dun. So keep your hands off, even if you need to touch them, do not let them feel threaten like you are going to eat them up. I have seen this gal who is pretty turn off by my friend when he attempts to hold her hand while they are crossing the road. Yes it is suppose to give her security, bt think of it this way, would she feel uncomfortable? Actually from my expereince, what you just need to do, is to place your plam just behind her but not touching, and give her a little push if you need to hurry her across the road. Imagine the hilarity of a woman being drag across the road by a man holding on to her hand. Which looks better? My scenario I suppose, and it is polite too, you do not invade her physically unnecesarily.

      8 ) Understand their needs
      The last and final part is to understand them, understand thier needs. Listen when they need you to, talk when you are required. It is no easy task, for each and every human being is different, so this you got to work on it, you got to expereince it yourself to know.

      OK, that is all I got to say, hmmm...to think of it, it is not so much about being a buaya actually, just the proper way to treat woman.

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