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2012 Newcomer's Guide to Singapore Buses

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    • Hi guys, would anyone be kind enough to compile all current bus model picture from both SBS & SMRT? Everytime I read this forum about buses, I get confused which model looks like what. It would be great to see all the variety of buses in 1 single topic. 

      Thanks a lot

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    • Hi, please refer to the old newcomer's guide by ^tamago^ for the time being...


      There's also been some new fleet additions since, and namely are:


      • Volvo B9TL w/ bodywork by CDGE (Introduced from 2006)
      • Scania K230UB w/ bodywork by Gemilang (Introduced from 2007)
      • Volvo B7RLE w/ bodywork by Soon Chow (Demonstrator, Introduced in 2007 as SBS8030L)
      • MAN 18.240 HOCL-NL w/ bodywork by Gemilang (Demonstrator, Introduced in 2008 as SBS8031J, Trial ended 2 years later)
      • Scania K310UD w/ bodywork by Gemilang (Demonstrator, Introduced in 2010 as SBS7888K)
      • Sunlong SLK6121UF14H (Hybrid) w/ integral bodywork (Demonstrator, Introduced in 2010 as SBS8000Z and SBS8001X)
      • Volvo B9TL w/ "Eclipse Gemini" bodywork by Wrightbus (Introduced from 2010, deliveries ongoing)
      • Mercedes Benz O530 "Citaro" w/ integral body (Introduced from 2011, deliveries ongoing)

      SMRT Buses

      • Mercedes Benz OC500LE w/ bodywork by Gemilang, assembled by Thonburi (Introduced from 2008)
      • Yutong ZK6126 w/ integral body (Demonstrator, Introduced in 2009 as SMB135E, Trial ended 1 year later)
      • Mercedes Benz O530 "Citaro" w/ integral body (Demonstrator, Introduced in 2010 as SMB136C)
      • Zhongtong LCK6121GHEV w/ integral body (Demonstrator, Introduced in 2011 as SMB137A, Trial ended 1 year later)
      • MAN NL323F/A22 w/ "Evolution" bodywork by MCV (Demonstrator, Introduced in 2010)
      • Mercedes Benz O530 "Citaro" w/ integral body (Introduced from 2011)
      • MAN NL323F/A22 w/ "MAN Lion's City Hybrid" bodywork by Gemilang (Introduced in 2011, deliveries ongoing)

      Hope someone can fill in the images...

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    • Hi tamago!

      Current models only; Retired models are omitted. For details about the features of a particular model just follow the links to see more photos. Use the tags to help you find a specific feature you are looking for. You can also go through some video recordings to familiarize yourself with the bus fleet.

      Government Contracting Model (GCM/BCM) Operators

      Currently Go Ahead Singapore and Tower Transit Singapore. Their physical appearance is similar to the fleet owned by SBS Transit and SMRT Buses, except for their lush green livery.

      - Volvo B9TL Euro V (Wright Eclipse Gemini 2)

      - Alexander-Dennis Enviro500 MMC Mk I

      - Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro

      - MAN NL323F (Gemilang)


      SBS Transit

      Volvo B10M Mark IV DM3500 (Duple Metsec) (SBS2689B - SBS2838M)

      Volvo B10BLE CNG (Volgren) (SBS2988M - SBS2999G)

      Volvo B7RLE Mark II (Soon Chow) (SBS8030L)

      Scania K230UB Demonstrator (Gemilang) (SBS8033D)

      Scania K230UB (Euro IV, Gemilang) 

      (SBS8034B - SBS8561X, & SBS8888D)

      Scania K230UB (EEV, Gemilang) 

      (SBS8562T - SBS8999S less SBS8888D, SBS5001R - SBS5252H)


      Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro (Evobus) 
      Batch One: (SBS6000L - SBS6299S)
      Batch Two: (SBS66XX onwards)
      (BSEP: SBS63XX)

      Volvo B5RLE Hybrid (Volgren CR228L)

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    • SBS Transit (Continued)

      Volvo Olympian 3-Axle, Batch Two (Walter Alexander)

      (SBS9401T - SBS9600K)

      (SBS9800A - SBS9849K, SBS9888Y)
      • Demonstrator SBS9888Y was destroyed in depot fire
      • SBS9810X is the sole unit with Transit Media EDS

      Demonstrator (SBS9889U)

      (SBS9671E - SBS9690A)

      (SBS7300P - SBS7499A) 

      Batch One Wright (SBS7500D - SBS7686B) 
      Batch Two Wright  (SBS7700T - SBS7729L)
      • No visible difference, Batch One uses ZF transmission while Batch Two uses Voith transmission. Hanover Displays EDS

      Batch Three Wright
      (SBS3000G - SBS3238M, SBS3269Z)
      (BSEP: SBS33XX)
      (SBS3240E to SBS3299L except SBS3269Z, SBS36XX, SBS37XX)
      • Voith transmission, 100% low floor chassis. LECIP or Hanover EDS

      Batch Five Wright
      (SBS1Z onwards)
      • ZF EcoLife transmission, 100% low floor chassis, straight staircase, LECIP EDS.


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    • SMRT Buses

      Mercedes-Benz O405 Mk II, Original Air-Con (Hispano)

      (TIB425R - TIB561E, TIB572Z - TIB634D, TIB798P - TIB832Z)

      DAF SB220 (Walter Alexander) (TIB675K - TIB724C)

      Mercedes-Benz O405 (Volgren) (TIB958U - TIB972C)

      • Uses minor details to tell a HS3KRKK and O405 apart; look at the rear of the bus.


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    • SMRT Buses (Continued)

      Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Mk II)

      (TIB973A - TIB1001Z)

      Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Habit)

      (TIB1019Z - TIB1023K, TIB1025E - TIB1177A, TIB1198P - TIB1247G)

      Mercedes-Benz O405G (Volgren) (TIB1024H, TIB1178Y - TIB1197S)

      Demonstrator TIB1024H is currently only different in interior and seating from the rest.

      Mercedes-Benz OC500LE (Gemilang/Thonburi) 

      Batch One (SMB1H - SMB67T), Batch Two (SMB68R to SMB134H) 

      Delivered in two batches, only slightly different in interior and seat colours.

      SMB1H is a demonstrator, currently Training Bus not in Revenue Service.

      Mercedes-Benz O530 Citaro (Evobus)

      Delivered in two batches excluding demonstrator SMB136C.

      Batch One (SMB139U - SMB147X) uses ZF except SMB148T which uses Voith

      Batch Two (SMB149R - SMB188C) uses Voith and other slight exterior and interior differences.


      MAN NL323F (Gemilang)
      Batch One: (SMB189A - SMB354P)
      Batch Two: (SMB1301K - SMB1420A)
      Batch Three: (SMB1421Y onwards)
      (BSEP: SMB3XXX)


      MAN NG363F (Gemilang)
      Demonstrator: SMB388S
      Production batch: SMB8XXX

      Alexander-Dennis Enviro500 MMC Mk I
      SMB5XXX to TBD
      BSEP: SMB35XX

      MAN A95 (Gemilang)

      Current models only; Retired models are omitted. For details about the features of a particular model (such as the various retrofitted EDS, refurbished interior, etc.) just follow the links to see more photos.

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    • Bus Models retired in Year 2016

      Scania L94UB (Volgren) (SBS2888T, Training Bus not in Revenue Service)

      Bus Models retired in Year 2015

      Mercedes-Benz O405G (Hispano Mk I)
      (Demonstrator TIB838H, TIB849B - TIB904A)

      Volvo Olympian 3-Axle, Batch One (Walter Alexander)
      (SBS9200G - SBS9400X)

      Volvo B10BLE Diesel (Volgren) (SBS1688K)

      Volvo B10M Mark IV DM (Duple Metsec) (SBS882Y - SBS996C)

      Volvo B10M Mark IV "Strider" (Walter Alexander) 

      (SBS1896B - SBS1999M, SBS2593T - SBS2688D)

      Mercedes-Benz O405 Mk II, Converted Air-Con (Hispano) 

      (TIB725A - TIB797S)

      Bus Models retired in Year 2014

      Scania L113CRL "Strider" (Walter Alexander)

      (TIB562C - TIB571B, TIB635B - TIB674M)

      Bus Models retired in Year 2013

      Volvo Olympian 2-Axle Non-Airconditioned (Walter Alexander)

      (SBS7198T - SBS7297R)

      Dennis Lance 245 UMW (Duple Metsec) (TIB906U - TIB946D, TIB1257C)

      Dennis Lance 245 (Volgren) (TIB1017D, TIB1018B)

      Dennis Lance 245 UK (Duple Metsec) (TIB1002X - TIB1018B)

      Leyland Olympian (Walter Alexander) (SBS9000S - SBS9199C)

      Hino HS3KRKA Demonstrator (Volgren) (TIB905Y)

      Hino HS3KRKK (Volgren) (TIB947B - TIB957Y) 

      Scania L113CRL (ELBO, Converted Air-Con)

      (TIB833X - TIB837K, TIB839E - TIB848D)

      Bus Models retired in Year 2012

      MAN NL323F (MCV Evolution) (SMB138Y) SMRT Buses - Trial

      Sunlong SLK6121 Hybrid (SBS8000Z - SBS8001X) SBS Transit - Trial

      Volvo B10M Mark III (Duple Metsec) (SBS582M - SBS881A) SBS Transit

      Volvo B10M-70 Superlong Demo (SBS997A) SBS Transit

      Nissan Diesel U31RCN (Fuji Heavy Industries)

      (TIB362M to TIB375B, remaining CSS plated) SMRT Buses

      Bus Models retired in Year 2011

      (You might still occasionally hear these bus models mentioned during discussion, usually as a comparison to current bus models)

      Mercedes-Benz O405 Mk I, Original Air-Con (Duple Metsec) SBS Transit

      Mercedes-Benz O405 Mk I, Converted Air-Con (Duple Metsec) SBS Transit

      Volvo B10M Mark IV (PSV/Soon Chow) SBS Transit

      Dennis Dart (Duple Metsec) SBS Transit

      Zhongtong LCK6121G Hybrid (6 month trial) SMRT Buses

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    • Selected articles on the future of Singapore buses

      Other useful articles on Singapore buses

      Looking for another bus enthuasist community/information?

      Bus enthuasist communities are very localised around the world, and they can be difficult to locate especially if they are in a language other than English or/and you are interested in overseas buses. While the range of activities and coverage may vary greatly between communities, there are some common activities that bear some similarities with what Singapore bus enthuasists are doing. A simplified list is outlined below.

      What do bus enthuasists do?
      Common activities by bus enthusiasts

      Here is a list of mainstream activities carried out by bus enthusiasts in Singapore. Every bus enthusiast has his/her own specialization to varying degrees and may focus only on selected activities; it is not necessary to be involved in all of the activities listed below. This list is not exhaustive and these activities are also practiced by bus enthusiasts around the world.

      1. Joyriding

      This is the most common activity bus enthusiasts perform. Simply just take a bus and enjoy the sights and sounds onboard. While this activity usually leads to many other associated activities, it can be performed as a standalone activity and requires no additional commitment.

      1a. Journal

      Some enthusiasts actively record a list of journeys they have made and post them online.

      2. Photography

      Bus photography is very popular with bus enthusiasts because it widely accepted evidence to claims, factual information and events. The availability of digital cameras (as opposed to film cameras in the past) has made this activity widespread in the community. In forums, there are usually consolidated on monthly threads.
      3. Bus advertisements

      As bus operators are moving towards reducing the variety of bus models, a photography subset of bus advertisements have recently gained popularity among enthusiasts.

      Full body advertising (alternative terms are used outside of Singapore) are the most prominent form, and are a reflection of a particular time period as these advertisements have short lifespans from a month to half a year. A few high profile advertisers (e.g. AKB48) have even gained attraction from the general public.

      Some enthusiasts do actively maintain a list of bus advertisement changes.

      4. Video recording
      Some bus enthusiasts use a videocamera to record bus journeys and upload them to YouTube. There are two main focuses: the bus or/and the route. Those focusing on the bus would usually record from the rear (or the middle for B10Ms) to capture the sounds of the engine and gearbox, while those focusing on the route would usually record from the front of the bus. Videos that contain virtual tours of selected bus models also exist.

      5. Sound recording

      This is an older form of recording (In contrast to video recording) that focuses on bus performance, but is still practiced today.

      6. Bus tickets

      Some bus enthusiasts would choose to pay cash to receive a bus ticket. Because bus tickets are highly unlikely to be forged and are more reliable than bus photography, they are highly preferred by the community as hard evidence of an undertaken journey. Because the journey details are recorded on the ticket, it can also be accumulated to form a journal.

      Enthusiasts usually do not collect bus tickets from newer wheelchair accessible buses. These buses have thermal ticket machines installed, printing tickets which can fade over time rendering them useless.
      7. Service guides

      Individual service guides were originally used to determine the correct cash fare of a journey. With the introduction of distance fares, this role has been diminished and it is now used as directional guides. Enthusiasts interested in bus guides would collect one onboard a bus.

      Both SBS Transit and SMRT Buses currently print individual service guides, and on special occasions issue pamphlets and brochures from time to time. Occasionally, Land Transport Authority would print hangar guides to promote new BSEP services.

      8. Bus spotting

      A common activity is for enthusiasts to determine which buses appear on a certain route for a certain given day. Unforeseen circumstances which result in the deployment of a substitute bus in place of a usually assigned bus is known as a cameo (there are a variety of names used elsewhere, e.g. ‘unusual observation’ in Australia and ‘odd-working’ in the UK).

      Different bus models are usually obvious to enthusiasts, while others may be harder to spot. Spotting is usually combined with other associated activities (such as photography and joyriding). Enthusiasts may also observe minor faults, breakdowns and accidents of buses and record them accordingly in their journals.  These observations would then be in turn posted online.

      9. Bus deployments

      To determine which buses are not the usual deployments (cameos), there is a need to determine which buses are usually assigned to a certain route (deployments). Some enthusiasts maintain an active list of such deployments and changes. However, it should be noted that deployment changes are determined by humans and can change very frequently.

      10. Bus lists

      A bus list records the basic profile information of any given public bus, such as the chassis VIN, bodywork, and other technical information. Few local enthusiasts maintain such lists, but this practice is more popular overseas.

      11. Technical and mechanical

      Few enthusiasts may research into the inner workings of buses. How does the turbocharger work? How does the tuning of an automatic transmission affect the performance of the bus? What components make up a complete bus and what roles do each component play? What is the difference between an Ecomat and EcoLife? How are buses engines maintained and overhauled? Technical know-how is complex and takes a lot of time to learn and understand.

      12. History research

      Some enthusiasts would look at the history of bus transport in Singapore. The scope is diverse, ranging from retired models, defunct companies, historical photographs, historical route arrangements, archived newspaper articles and more. The process can be time consuming depending on the availability of such information.

      13. Fantasy companies

      Some enthusiasts may create fictional companies with a fictional fleet and fictional routes. In the past they have been published on websites, but social media is now a more preferred option.

      14. Route planning

      Fictional routes may be undertaken as a standalone activity, with a focus on improving public transport links in Singapore. These proposals may either be proposed on forums or submitted directly to operators and regulators for consideration. This activity has seen increased popularity with the introduction of BSEP that brings along new routes.

      15. Bus model collection

      Especially popular in Hong Kong, enthusiasts would order and purchase scale bus models for collection. Currently there exists a small local market where these bus models are actively traded online and offline.

      16. Paper bus models

      A cheaper version of bus model collection, enthusiasts may use an image editing program to design the bus model onscreen. It is then printed out, cut and folded to form a complete paper bus.

      17. Bus charters

      These are similar to joyriding, only that the bus is rented specially for bus enthusiasts to conduct tours and activities that may be difficult to conduct when the bus is under normal revenue service. These events are increasingly infrequent in Singapore and in recent times face very challenging circumstances to successfully organize one.

      18. Simulators

      This can be in the form of a first-person simulator (driving a vehicle) or a third-person simulator (transport planning). SMRT itself has a driving simulator that is used to train prospective BCs.

      Finally…One GOLDEN Rule while conducting these activities
      There is only one simple rule you have to follow. It is to practice common sense: Stay safe, conduct your activities in a reasonable manner, and respect the general public, operators, regulators and fellow bus enthusiasts.
      If you choose to ignore this one simple rule, you do so at your own peril. You have been warned! Poor practices are frequently reported and extensively documented, and they are widely condemned and criticized by the community.

      In any case, the author shall not be responsible for anything that results from your use or misuse of this guide.

      Changelog: Information updated as of August 2015. (Renaming thread to 2015 is sufficient)

      Edited by sgbuses 07 Dec `15, 10:04AM
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    • Thanks a lot guys! Citaro lover here.

      Didn't know there are so many varieties. Is wierd how Citaro looks damn nice in SBS paint but not so nice when painted with SMRT paint. 

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    • Originally posted by granslime:

      Thanks a lot guys! Citaro lover here.

      Didn't know there are so many varieties. Is wierd how Citaro looks damn nice in SBS paint but not so nice when painted with SMRT paint. 

      Yes!!! Thats y SBS should buy the facelift Citaro!!

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    • Originally posted by SMB228X:

      Yes!!! Thats y SBS should buy the facelift Citaro!!

      Since I live in the west area, which is pretty much dominiated by SBS buses, I would love to see it happen

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    • I would like to ask what the long or short beeps from the buses' IBIS systems mean? Is it an indication whether the bus is late or early on its schedule?

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    • Originally posted by ^tamago^:

      louder, higher pitch beep: early. softer, lower pitch beep: late.

      No wonder everytime I take 325 always got the low pitch beep.

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    • Originally posted by nfshp253:

      I would like to ask what the long or short beeps from the buses' IBIS systems mean? Is it an indication whether the bus is late or early on its schedule?

      what is IBIS ?

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