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Accident and Breakdown Thread

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    • this morning got accident involving 1 lush green bus, 1 SBST bus & 3 cars along dunearn road. appeared at Straits times website

    • Originally posted by QX179R:

      29th September 2017

      RTA involving SBS Transit bus (SBS7501B) & a car at the junction of Napier Road and Cluny Road

      7501B back on 185 yesterday

    • Originally posted by Path Light:

      Seems SBS3389K needs repairing at BUDEP

      according to TT's FB page, SBS3389K is back on svc

      on 663 today

      i think can see the different shade of green from roof to EDS area lol

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    • Bus 113 (SBS8741T) ended its service at Paya Lebar Girls Sch bus stop due to passenger accident. SCDF Officers have arrived to assist within 2 mins. Next 113 arrived in 2 mins as well. Great recovery effort on SBS Transit's part and the BC for being very efficient in handling the situation.


      Reason for accident is unknown, most likely the man appearing in his 60s fell down, and he has a surgical tape around his whole mouth.


      The bus I took after was 8.5 minutes behind schedule as a result, causing 2 min frequencies of 113 behind me.

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