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Your Own Deployment (Part 4)

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    • Originally posted by SBS8676Z:

      I rather SMRT AMDEP take in more DDs to boost 854 fleet, be it A95 or Wright.

      Just curious. Are you a PIW?

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    • Are you a PIW or even a regular commuter on 854? To be fair to SMRT, I believe they have done a fair bit To boost capacity on this service and I'm happy with the improvement as a regular commuter. Be it the O405G or A95, 854 needs high capacity. LTA has already said 100% wheelchair friendly only by 2020 because these old buses have to serve their full lifespans to get ROI. So what's the point of complaining, just to have a brand new fleet? The only reason I can see is if u are a PIW. 854 WAB quota is not threatened by those O405G cameos as they at most make up 30% of the fleet, that too at peak periods. I count the buses everyday while commuting. Back to back O405G I don't deny but it is really a rarity Besides services like 969 and 169 also do have their fair bits of O405G cameos. 

      Enjoy the last O405Gs on 854 while you still can because once they are retired, time will never turn back. Been taking those buses since I was a young kid especially 1123E 1122H 1148J and 1149G which have spent their full lifespan on 854. It will indeed be sad to see them go when the day comes as a ride on them is still classic. 

      Services like 88 have a number of B10s and 156 have quite a number of CNGs/DM3500s yet no one complains about SBST but only complains about O405Gs on 854? Enjoy all these classic buses from the early 2000s while u still can. Come 2020, you can have ur wish. 


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    • SBS7416P (AMDEP SP --> SLBP 181)

      SBS7318P (AMDEP 58 --> SLBP 193)

      SBS7438B (AMDEP 58 --> SLBP 181)

      SBS3516K (SLBP 181 --> AMDEP SP)

      SBS7456Z (BRBP SP --> SLBP 192)

      SBS7419G SBS7468P SBS7475T SBS7487J SBS7488G SBS7492T SBS7494M (BRBP 28 --> SLBP SP)

      SBS3299L (SLBP SP --> AMDEP 58)

      SBS3032P SBS3062C SBS3064Y SBS3214G (SLBP SP --> BRBP 28)

      SBS7394T SBS7427H SBS7496H SBS7497E SBS7498C (BRBP 88 --> SLBP 179)

      SBS3630M SBS3634C SBS3635A SBS3642D SBS3643B (SLBP 179 --> BRBP 88)


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    • SBS Transit Limited.(Temasek 35%)

      Bus:Bulim Package/Clementi Package/Woodlands Package/Serangoon-Eunos Package/Tampines Package/Bishan-Toa Payoh Package/Seletar Package.

      Rail:Downtown Line/North East Line-Punggol/Sengkang LRT & Jurong Region Line.

      Advertisement:Moove Media


      Buses:Mercedes-Benz Citaro/MAN NL323F/Scania K230UB Euro V/Volvo 7900/Volvo B9TL/MAN ND323F/Alexander Dennis Enviro500/Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Hybrid & MAN NG363F.

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    • SMRT Corporation Limited.(Temasek 90%)

      Bus:Bukit Merah Package/Loyang Package/Choa Chu Kang-Bukit Panjang Package.

      Rail:Thomson-East Coast Line/Circle Line/Cross-Island Line.

      Advertisement:SMRT Media.


      Buses:Mercedes-Benz Citaro/MAN NL323F/Mercedes-Benz OC500LE/Volvo 7900/Volvo B9TL/MAN ND323F/Alexander Dennis Enviro500/Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Hybrid & MAN NG363F.

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    • Singapore Urban Bus Private Limited(TTS/GAS/WTS).(Temasek 15%)

      Bus:Sembawang-Yishun Package/Hougang-Sengkang Package/Bedok Package/Jurong West Package.

      Rail:East West-North South Line & Bukit Panjang LRT.

      Advertisement:Clear Channel.


      Buses:Mercedes-Benz Citaro/MAN NL323F/Volvo 7900/Volvo B9TL/MAN ND323F/Alexander Dennis Enviro500 Hybrid & MAN NG363F.

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