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19 dead as double decker bus topples over in Hong Kong

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    • At least 19 people were killed and over 50 injured in a double-decker bus crash in Hong Kong’s New Territories on Saturday evening.

      At least 37 people were sent to 12 hospitals across the city, and 19 were in serious condition.

      As of 7.45pm, police said two people were still trapped in the bus.

      The force said multiple people called around 6pm to report the accident after the KMB route 872 bus, heading from Sha Tin racecourse to Tai Po Centre, flipped on its side in Tai Po Kau, Tai Po Road.

      The cause of the crash has not yet been established.

      A passenger, who had his right leg bandaged, said the double-decker was going fast when the accident happened.

      “It was much faster than I normally felt in a bus,” he said, sitting by the road. “And then it was like the tyre slipped, and the bus turned. It was really chaotic in the bus. People fell on one another and got tossed from side to side.”

      The accident is one of the worst since 2003, when 21 people were killed as a double-decker plunged off a Tuen Mun flyover after colliding with a container truck.


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