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[iOS/Android] "Crusaders Quest" English version launch

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    • Have you heard of Crusaders Quest

      This is a new game from NHN Entertainment Company from Korea. Recently they have launched a English version for the Asia~

      Players and their rag-tag group of 8-bit crusaders can journey to save the Goddesses and unlock their special powers to repel darkness from the land!

      Here are some game features from google play

      ***GAME FEATURES***

      • Real-time and fast paced puzzle combat! Match your heroes' skill blocks to quickly decimate your foes.
      • Play 6 unique classes and recruit over 200 unique heroes, each with their own strengths on the pixelated battlefield.
      • Quest to save the kidnapped Goddesses and add their powers to your team.
      • Level up your characters and equip hundreds of powerful weapons to strengthen your 8-bit crusaders!
      • Beautiful 8-bit pixel graphics that capture the retro feel of classic RPGs.
      • Challenge your friends for Honor in the PVP arena and see who has strongest heroes!



      For more detail you can like their facebook :https://www.facebook.com/CrusadersQuest

      Free iOS download
      Free android download

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    • cool~ please add me and play together:ilovetop and i will send honors to friends everyday lol~btw, tips for those who just start playin' :don't sell the 1 star hero so fast as you will get more honors if the hero reach max. level and everytime your hero reach max. level you will gain 1 gem so it is easier for you to level up the 1 star hero at the beginning~

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