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    • Dekaron, previously known as 2Moons, is a action free to play 3D MMORPG set in a violent Middle Ages based scenery, with a strong emphasis on PvP.

      The game is very exciting and interesting due to the availabilty of large selection of skills and talents. All the players in the game are divided into twelve different classes Each of these twelve classes have there own unique skills and talents.
      The characters are differentiated with four criteria that are: Strength, Dexterity, Health and Spirit. Different characters have different increase of stats with each point given to it.
      This MMORPG might remind you Diablo 2 but with better graphics, however the system requirement is kinda low.
      This game originally Korean, but it's spread the world in different versions, thanks to Nexon community.
      Now Vertigo games put their hands on it, and I am very excited about this. Many changes will happen for sure just as last time when Acclaim sold it to Nexon.
      However this game is not well known, but I bet this game has very good PvP system, exciting Dungeons, Expeditions and good scheduled Events for nice rewards.
      The skills/spells of the characters are very stunning and spectacular.

      Sadly Nexon made it a more pay to win than play to win game, and I wish that with the ownership change this will be changed too.
      But good news! If you are onto the MMORPG's world you might know that there are many private servers.
      These servers are hosted by everyday people, and they having their pros and cons.
      -Easier to play: Better experience and drop rates makes the game more casual gamer friendly.
      -Many of the Private servers are unique:
      You have many choices where to play, there is a server for almost all type of people.
      -Most of the servers are not pay to win, cheaper than the original game if you wish to buy things.
      -Fun events hosted by the GMs.

      -Theres many bad private servers too! Bugs everywhere.
      -Obviously out-dated compared to the original game: Less working dungeons and features.
      -Many of them made only to harvest money then when they got enough they close.
      -There are some voter sites where players can vote for their servers to show ppl around who is the best and most populated. BUT don't let them fool you! Most of the Pserver owners are paying for votes and using bots, to make their server busy, even if it's worse developed than others.

      Actually I only recommend private servers if you liked the original game, but you weren't amazed with, or you would like it if it wasn't pay to win or so slow to level and so hard to get gears and stuff. :)


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    • I know a wonderful 3D mobile game called Pokeland Legends is coming soon~Players can fight with pokemons in the game!

      You guys can find it on FB page.

      I hope i can find some players with me here.


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