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《ATTACK ON TITAN 2》will be broadcasted in spring 2017

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    • ATTACK ON TITAN Season Twowill be broadcasted in spring 2017,but the game launch now!

      Japanese well-known comic "Attack on Titan" in 2013 was adapted into animation, since the first season finished, praise continually.And Theater version of the animation out as well, but there is no any news abot season two, its said that it will be launched in the second quarter of 2016, comic are still in updating, but the animation has not launched yet.

      However, the "Attack on Titan" official website open the official poster of season two recently, and announced that "Attack on Titan season two" will be launch in April 2017.For a time,all fans crazy about the news,and immediately leave a crazy message "waiting for so long...finally finally! " Bloody hell, it was said broadcast before the 2016, but now delay to 2017 ... "," Alright lets watching the comic again! "


      Although we have to wait for almost half a year's time, but as our long-awaited to the popular animations sequel, I believe that waiting for these time is worthy. And now, the main visual imge of season two now opened, the titan of Eren, the commander, Mikasa and Armin face to the Titans! Who have wactched the comic know that Armin already died but in the season two of animation we will see Armin agin.


      According to the storyline of first season,the titan of Ani is under arrest.It seems that the story forward.As for the orginal story of comic ,the battle aim is turn to the humans shady back the wall instead of titans.As the writer of comic said that it was spent much time in the season two of animation, but it improve the quality and plan of the animation,so please wait for a little while.


      The season two of animations lineup is the same as the first season,but Araki Tetsu is the general supervision in the season two , the Deputy Superintendent is Fei Mazu who is the implementation of supervision before.But generally speaking,the disc sales of season is difficult to exceed the level of the first season. Also "passerby way to develop" season two will also be broadcasted in April 2017.Lets see which animation will be the strongset in next year's April.

      Now,the first mobile game based on Attack on Titan "which called Titan Clash launch in Google Play and Appstore!

      For the all crazy fans production, you can see the many characters of the animation in the game! That will make tens of thousands of anime fans crazy, and let all players broke out to guard to dignity of the determination of all mankind! This is the most tragic and amazing mobile game ever ,let us fight for the humans freedom and dignity! Get in "Titan Clash" and to fight teh titans with Eren!


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