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    • Translator Gator is a new gaming activity in the South East Asian United Nations community! As a web-based crowdsourcing platform, users of Translator Gator will be given four tasks. The tasks are providing translations, synonym, categorization, and evaluation, these tasks will be given randomly to all players. Since it's a web-based, then it's not an app, no need to download anything. You can play it off the Bodhi Linux Midori browser or Mozilla Firefox on most Linux machines. The official website is here: http://translatorgator.org, come join the translation effort!

      Demo: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mQy9Z9ccxoc

      Timeline: 22 April-31 July 2017

      In Translator Gator, every task that you've done will get points which can be accumulated and the highest scores will be given rewards.

      Project scope: 11 countries (10 ASEAN countries + Sri Lanka)

      Total of keywords: 2,135
      • Return trips (3 days 2 nights) from your home country to our offices in Bangkok and Jakarta. Total of 2 people who with the highest scores from 11 countries
      • E-gift cards @USD 100 for 2 persons/country. Total of 22 winners
      • Merchandise for 100 players who (first) finish all translation tasks
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