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Razer starts selling games in Singapore dollar on Lazada

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      Gamers in the Republic can now get their hands on original PC digital games, priced in local currency, via the Razer Game Store on Lazada.

      Announcing the tie-up on Wednesday (April 11), the Singapore gaming firm and online retail platform aim to bring original games from publishers all over to world to local consumers — without them having to pay currency exchange fees.

      Currently, games can be purchased only in US dollars through various channels, such as digital distribution platforms Steam and Uplay.

      With the Razer Game Store on Lazada, Singapore consumers can shop and pay for hundreds of game titles — from hot favourites to lesser known indie titles and even old classics — in local currency.

      And they can use promotional codes available on the online retailer to get further discounts.

      “The Razer Game Store on Lazada is the only official South-east Asia-centric source of original PC digital games from publishers all over the world,” said Lazada Singapore’s executive vice-president and chief business officer Hari Vijayaran.

      The online store will be rolled out in other regional markets too, starting with Malaysia and Thailand this quarter, followed by Indonesia and the Philippines, both parties revealed.

      Explaining how the game store works, Razer’s digital store director Matthias Castell said once a purchase is made, gamers will immediately receive a key code which they can use to redeem their games on the relevant digital distribution platform.

      Last week, Razer launched its online game store globally, priced in US dollars. But it decided to partner homegrown online retailer Lazada for its Singapore store to bring a “new experience to the South-east Asian gamer”.

      “We wanted to provide a one-stop shopping destination for both physical goods and digital content,” said Mr Ian Tan, Razer’s senior director of global marketing. He added that being able to sell both hardware and software on a single platform meant they could “offer unique deals” to their customers.

      As part of the promotional launch, the game store will offer a list of game titles at a discount. For instance, the recently released first-person shooter Far Cry 5 is 10 per cent cheaper on Lazada than on Steam.

      Shoppers can also use the limited RGSLAZ15 discount code to receive an additional 15 per cent off their purchases.

      The two tech firms said the online store will regularly “offer fans promotions, including in-app specials, tailored for its home markets.”



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