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I need a shop ....

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  • Poolman's Avatar
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    • in Singapore , that sell this .... I don't really trust to buy at eBay . I found this picture at Ebay .

      It's a handphone casing !!!

      My son's one , i pass to him one , the screen got scratch very badly recently.

      Need a replacement , will cost me a fortune just to replace at Sony Ericsson at Jurong East .

      Compatible one is ok la ...

      Have you come across anyone that sell this in Singapore ?

      Can provide me address , i go find .

      Last time pasar malam a lot , now hardly can find .

      If not , i'll take sometime off to Sim Lim and find .

      If u can tell me , it save my time

      Thanks !!

  • bl1995cy's Avatar
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    • Its not whether you can trust Ebay r not. i think the hosing from Ebay is made from low quality plastic, probably a counterfeit aaa quality. change at sony will be the best, if not, get a new phone?

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