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Advise my new handpone model.

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  • Lokey's Avatar
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    • I am thinking of buying a new hnadphone. But dont know what to buy.

      I wan wi-fi, connection to my laptop, preferly easy update d of notes extra.


      Dont really care about anything else.


      My brother has a samsung touch screen and his comments is "it's sucks" in writing sms, hang often.

      My sony erission always have connections problem with the adapter. And it also sucks because I spend a long time to get the power supply connected.


      So any recommendations?

  • Xedon's Avatar
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    • 1. Once there is a function called wi-fi in your phone, the price WILL definitely increase.
      2. Every phone can connect and transfer data to and from to the computer via bluetooth/USB Cables.
      3. What do you meant by easy update of notes extra???
      4. Please type properly english, if not, no one will help you as they do not understand you.

  • Lokey's Avatar
    1,806 posts since Jan '09
    • Thanks for the reply. I am posting this while riding on the train. 

      I am referring to the computer interface that links the phone to the laptop. I wan to update my schedule from my laptop outlook to the phone calender vice versa to synchronize my daily schedule. If the updating and synchronize is good enough, I will not have confusing, conflicting events crashing on one day.

      I would also like to keep some short notes, to remind me of certain things on the phone, but typing in notes might be a waste of time if keying interface is not speedy enough.

      The samsung jet that my brother owned, has real insensitive touch screen issue, which delay time in giving a quick sms. 

      While the sony erission models has the shared point adapter issue, that is loosen over time and connect becomes inconsistent.


      I am looking at the LC Chocolate, the iphone3G ad Samsung Blue Earth now, but pick an ideal phone is a tiresome chore. 


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  • bl1995cy's Avatar
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    • n81 or n95 is great, however n81 is much faster than n95. But i would suggest you get a normal hp with basic features for under $200(nokia 5310, 6300) then get a itouch or something for your wifi and notes. I experienced frequent lags with those all-in-one phones. 

  • Seowlah's Avatar
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    • Get a phone with GPRS and subscribe to M1 Sunsurf Unlimited at $11.20 per month. You will be able to surf the net anywhere and anytime (no WIFI is needed). I am using the Nokia N95. Though N95 has WIFI, but I surf the net just using the GPRS function anywhere and anytime (even in the toilet too icon_lol.gif )

      Surfing using the N95 is just like surfing the net using a laptop except that you need to move the cursor frequently using the directional keys. I can surf sgf, watch youtube, email etc using the Nokia N95.



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