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    • Wonder how many Note 7 users will want samsung again.      Samsung washing machine explode, fridge also.      For now i am avoiding samsung.   

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    • yes. im still getting samsung.

    • Samsung to start testing Galaxy S8 in January, possible launch in March


      Contrary to an earlier report by Wall Street Journal, The Investor believes that Samsung could be launching the Galaxy S8 in March.

      Multiple sources told The Investor that key suppliers have to deliver an initial batch of components for the Galaxy S8 from January  with full volume supplies starting in February. This could mean that we are looking at a launch in March.

      The Investor - “Considering the parts supplies, the phone launch could come in March as usual, unlike an earlier report by the Wall Street Journal,” said a source from another supplier who also wished to be unnamed. 

      A high-ranking Samsung official reportedly told ETNews that the company would not rush to launch the Galaxy S8 and it is expected to debut at Mobile World Congress 2016 in February with global availability in March. 

      The Galaxy S8 is confirmed to come with a new AI assistant which enables consumers to use third-party services "seamlessly". It is said to come only in a curved screen modela 4K display, an octa-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor, VR-related featuresno physical home button and a dual-camera module. The success of the Galaxy S8 is critical as Samsung fights to regain consumer confidence in its products after the Galaxy Note7 saga

      Source: The Investor via SamMobile

    • Samsung S8 might ditch headphone jack and home button

      More leaks have been incoming about the Samsung Galaxy S8 and it looks like the phone will definitely be one to watch.

      UPDATE 8/12/2016: The latest rumours seem to confirm that Samsung is following in Apple's lead to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack. One rationale behind that is that it will create a slimmer profile and allow for a larger battery.

      Samsung might even attempt to drop the home button and use a virtual one, beating Apple to it. The latter has been rumoured to be working on a virtual home button for the next iPhone.

      UPDATE 5/12/2016: Samsung has apparently been working on dual-cam tech, but it appears that tech will not appear on the Samsung Galaxy S8. Mobile leaker Ice Universe shared the news which will likely be disappointing to people who were hoping for a Samsung alternative to Huawei's popular P9.

      Yet it is also possible that Samsung is saving the tech for another phone - possibly the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, likely in a bid to make the phone an upgrade to customers who were disappointed by the Galaxy Note 7 debacle of 2016. Still, it does look like the front selfie cam will probably have autofocus. Good news for the selfie lovers out there and still a decent upgrade for the Galaxy S8.



      UPDATE 29/11/2016: The latest leaks indicate the Galaxy S8 will have 6GB of RAM and at least 256GB of storage. What is uncertain is if Samsung will bother with a microSD, or instead follow the Apple model of high-storage, but no external storage.

      As to why 6GB of RAM and not more than that, it's likely it was the best hardware gain possible without causing too much issues where heating is concerned.

      In the meantime, Samsung will also be offering a glossy black version of the Samsung Galaxy S7 just in time for Christmas.

      Samsung acquired Viv, an AI created by the same people who helped make Siri. Viv has shown promise as an AI assistant, using natural language technology and even has the ability to create its own programming. Think of it as an AI that actually works.

      The AI will be a star attraction of the Galaxy S8, and offer a new dimension to AI unseen so far on commercial smartphones.

      With the bad rep created by the Galaxy Note 7, Samsung will need some positive buzz which is why for the first time the company is confirming features before the phone's actual launch.

      There are rumours the phone might be delayed as Samsung wants to figure out the cause of the exploding Galaxy Note 7s and also wants to try and figure out how not to repeat its past mistakes with the new flagship.

      Could Viv be the killer AI we have all been waiting for and must we prepare for our phones to be our new overlords? It looks like things could be looking up for Samsung.

      [Source: Engadget]




      Surprise, Samsung's been surprisingly forthcoming about a feature on a future Galaxy smartphone - in this case the Galaxy S8.

      UPDATE 9/11/2016: According to GSMArena, Samsung is planning to order parts in January for assembly and testing of the first Galaxy S8 prototypes. More orders will be coming in February, with mass production due in March - if the April launch date rumoured is true.

      As for the specs, the latest rumour is that the Galaxy S8 will have dual cameras, with 12MP and 13MP sensors. As for the screen, it will likely be a 5.1in QHD screen, as well as an iris scanner.

      It's unclear whether one of the cameras will be monochrome for better low-light or whether the second camera will be used for better depth sensing or instead allowing for different focal lengths for better zoom. Will Samsung ape Apple or will it go for either Huawei or HTC's take on the dual-lens? Expect more news as January nears.



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