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[email protected] hotspots in Singapore

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    • Need free wi-fi? Here's a cheatsheet of [email protected] hotspots in Singapore


      You never know where you will find free wi-fi.

      For those of us with no data plans, we spend a lot of time scrolling through the list of available wi-fi networks whenever we go somewhere.

      So instead of that, why not check out this list of [email protected] hotspots provided by the Ministry of Communications and Information (MCI)?

      1. Transportation hubs: [email protected] can be found at MRT platforms, Changi Airport and all ferry terminals including Changi Point and Marina South Pier.

      2. Social spaces: National Libraries, hospitals, most community centres and Residents’ Committee clubs offer [email protected].

      3. Shops and stores: Many shopping malls, retail stores, and F&B outlets (food courts, cafes, fast food chains) have signed up to offer [email protected].

      4. Government offices: “[email protected] here, there is,” says Yoda in the Sandcrawler building belonging to the animation and visual effects company Lucasfilm. [email protected] is provided on the eighth floor where Government Digital Services is located. Trust in Yoda, we can.

      5. Tourist attractions: [email protected] can usually be found indoors such as at our many museums, but the Merlion Walk is one of the first outdoor areas to have the service, which even runs on solar power!

      MCI even provided a few additional tips:

      "You can download the [email protected] app that will walk you through set-up and even tell you where the nearest hotspot is.

      If you have a SIM card from a local operator, you can configure it to auto log-in.

      No more wasting time trying to recall your password!"

      We hope you find this useful!


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