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3 things about online transactions via mobile device

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    • Three things you need to know about making online transactions via your mobile device


      Apps and readily available data make transactions through your mobile device easier than before, but are all of them as secure as you think?

      So, you’re doing a little online shopping at your favourite cafe, and a gorgeous pair of shoes catches your eye. All it takes is a few swipes on your phone and voila, it’s now yours! Almost everyone shops on-the-go now, but what if an innocuous transaction made on your mobile device belies a worrying security risk? Shared public WiFi networks, unencrypted shopping apps, and imitation websites are just some portals for identity theft – and if you love online surfing like we do, it’s about time you up your internet security game. Ready? Here are three basic things to look out for.


      Leaving the door wide open with unsecure WiFi connections and hot spots

      Most of us are guilty of it (and probably aware of the risks), and yet we’re still hooking on to open public networks and shared hot spots with a laissez-faire attitude. These open access points often come without encryption, and any data sent over these networks can be intercepted by anyone with the right tools.

      Look out for fake sites set up to steal your personal info

      If it seems and looks legit, then it must be secure, right? Well, think again. There have been cases of bogus websites that were imitations of government and banking sites in Singapore – victims were prompted to key in personal information such as passport numbers and credit card information on these fake sites. To avoid being next on the hit list, keep an eye out for suspicious domain hosts and websites that request for more personal details than necessary, and delete those shady-looking emails that could potentially download malware or spyware on your mobile device. Better safe than sorry!

      Unencrypted apps/websites can have security loopholes, too

      Unencrypted apps or websites are breeding grounds for identity theft and phishing, which is why you should always check if these sites use encrypted HTTPS connections that make it harder for anyone to hijack personal information sent across the internet. 

      The solution

      Safeguarding yourselves from these risks can be easier; Singtel makes mobile security a breeze with the ZoneAlarm Mobile Security app. It protects users against hackers through unsecure WiFi networks by calling out unsafe connections while recommending the most secure options. For Android devices, all apps are scanned for possible malware that could come disguised. You’ll also be alerted to any suspicious processes running on your phone and the app helps protect your device’s operating system from attacks.

      ZoneAlarm is available at $2 per month (U.P $2.90 per month) for a limited time only. More details can be found here.

      This article is sponsored by Singtel



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