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Zero Mobile offers unlimited data, calls and SMS for $65/mth

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    • Zero Mobile launches Zero X mobile plan, offers unlimited data, calls and SMS for $65 per month


      For those who already owned a decent phone and don’t need to be tied down to a 2-year contract, here’s a mobile plan from Zero Mobile that’s worth a closer look.

      The virtual telco that partnered with Singtel is offering a new mobile plan named Zero X that literally offers unlimited on everything – Calls, SMS and even data.

      The price? A mere $65 per month subscription that you can cancel anytime.


      That means customers no more counting of megabytes left when you stream movies or dramas on the go or worry about exceeding your talktime minutes with this plan, at a price far lower than what’s offered in the market.

      A typical unlimited call plan from existing major telcos will easily cost over $200 per month and still be limited to a certain amount of data.

      The Zero X’s $65 monthly plan won’t be here forever though, it is only available for the first 3,000 customers who sign up now.

      To further sweeten the deal, Zero Mobile is also waiving the $20 SIM card fee. That is on top of free add-ons including free Caller ID and number porting.




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