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    • Welcome to Eternal Hope! Smile

      This forum is a place for Christians to have fellowship within sgForums. It is a place to chat and encourage each other.

      We welcome questions regarding our faith. We will try our best to share our point of view. Please post within the following guidelines.

      1) State the purpose of your thread clearly. Short, blanket statements without any clarification is not helpful to the discussion.

      2) Threadstarter must, as far as possible, be active in discussion.

      3) Offensive content to Christianity and other religions are not welcomed.

      4) Show respect to our faith and others in this forum. Show respect to the people who come to this forum too. The consensus towards each other's belief is respect.

      5) Do not use vulgar and offensive language. Posts of such nature will be edited.

      In the interest of preventing any threads from becoming a flaming thread, queries that has already been answered will be closed. The moderators will close topics that they deemed offensive.

      We hope this forum can be a blessing to you.

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