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Christians following God's Will

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    • Always hear christians saying that they should follow God's Will and not their own Will.

      Does that mean that all christians are roberts who have to follow God's Will?

      And they can't see, can't touch and can't hear God so how can they know whats God's Will?

      And what happens if they don't follow God's Will?

      Say God's Will for this christian is to study law at 19 years old, become a lawyer at 24 years old, become a judge at 30 years old, get marry and have kids at 35 years old and than retire at 50 years old.

      So if this christian does not know whats God's Will for him.

      He decides to study engineering at 19 years old instead.

      Than what will happen?

      His life will get screwed up, perhaps something like become a engineer at 24 years old, work till 30 years old find out that engineer job is not suitable for him, than spend another 3 years to get a degree in say accounting and than become a accountant at 33 years old.

      Than after he become a accountant and work until 40 years old than he realise that this job is not suitable for him because its God's Will that he should become a lawyer but because he is stupid and does not know God's Will, his whole life get screwed up and he change jobs all the way until he dies and does not have a stable career and does not get marry and have children?

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    • Dare to disobey? Like He sends an angel to beat you up.

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