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Sanctified Position

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    • One of the most horrible, most cruel forms of punishment in Paul’s day was a method employed by the Romans to put people to death, was to take a corpse, someone who had already been executed and to strap that corpse onto the body of a live person. One can imagine what it must have been like as that corpse began to rot, what an abhorrent presence that would have been. Paul paints that very picture when he illustrates the ever-present problem that his sinful nature presented to him. Paul could not escape his sinful nature no matter how fervently he tried. We can rejoice and we can give all the glory and the praise to God and to our savior Jesus Christ for the fact that even though that sinful nature is strapped onto our fleshly backs like a rotting corpse, God does not see us in our flesh from his judicial perspective. Our fleshly bodies will never be worthy of heaven in that they will never be able to perform to the measure of the righteousness that is true of God. We are alive because of our position, not at all because of our practice. God no longer views us in our human flesh, he views us in our position in the second Adam (Jesus Christ), he views us in our glorified identity.

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    • When i was in Gold Coast, I came across the Chamber of Torture. All of them are made of wax. There is one torture, which is too horrifying that still lingers on my mind. They caged a man in a bird cage and leave it on the tree and let him die slowly of hunger and exhaustion while the birds will be waiting to feed him. Soon the man will be too tired to fend the birds and allowed the birds to eat him

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