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    • The idea of not walking after the flesh is a concept that speaks not to a person’s behavior, but to a person’s belief, not to our manners, but to our mindset. When we believe what Christ accomplished for us where our sins are concerned, we are as just as we will ever be in the eyes of God at that point. Sin has no more effect on us; it cannot change our relationship with God because we are in Christ. Those who are “IN” Jesus Christ are those who are NOT walking after the faulty assumption that their righteousness is related to their performance. Those who are “IN” Jesus Christ are those who place no confidence in their flesh, but understand that “in their flesh dwells no good thing”. Christ had to crucify our identity with the flesh, the old man. Paul wants us to agree with God to reckon our identity with our flesh as dead and gone, but the sin nature has not died. Do we need to change our minds about the seriousness of sin and God’s answer to that serious dilemma we find ourselves in? Yes, we do. God has been longsuffering in holding back his wrath because he hopes that we will consider his goodness through his son, his goodness on our behalf and flee to his grace. God wants us to change our mind about who we are from fleshly perspective apart from Christ.

      God’s Reconciliation of Man, read more about it at http://godsreconciliation.blogspot.com/

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    • Human beings are fallible.  God is not.

      Don't expect so much from human beings.     I know christianity is a religion that does not tolerate the weaknesses of human beings.     

      Mind you, acting and behaving spiritually so high up there can make christians not of any earthly good.     A pastor mentioned this in the sermon before.

      Sometimes the bible is just full of loads of crap la.

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    • Newnature, which sect are you from? Is it Baptist Church?Which bible version do you use?Do you believe in lordship salvation?

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