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How do I make myself believe in God??

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    • I was raised a Catholic. Used to go church every Sundays, attend catechism classes, baptized, and even went for confirmation. But as I grew older, I started having doubts about my faith and question why all of this? Does God even exist? Its not as if like there is any evidence of his existence and most of the stories in the bible I find them to be quite comical (such as the story of Jonah and the big fish – how is it even biologically possible to swallow a man whole? And in the story how did Jonah survive without food, water, or air for 3 days? Or the other story about Jesus making bread and fish appear out of thin air? Like what???? How’s that even make any sense?)

      Also a lot of my friends are of other religious faith and each of them tell me the same thing – Believe in their religion or risk going to hell. So basically all the religions are telling me to believe in them or I’m going to hell and each of them claiming that there is some ‘evidence’ or ‘proof’ in why their religion is right and others are wrong.

      So logically speaking. As a educated person, obviously not all of them are right as there can’t be more than one god right? Because of this, I have stopped going to church and stopped praying and saying the rosary as I have many doubts and thoughts.

      So, my question is, (and not that I’m ready to give God another chance) how do I go about making myself believe?

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    • Firstly, I would like to say that God is everywhere. Never should testing the god if you are going down in your life. Keep faith and patience. Because everything we get according to time, before the time I cant get anything. the whole process depends upon our "Karma". So friends never judge the god and doing good "Karma" in life. One day, your time will come. And you got everything.

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    • Talk to him. Talk to God. Tell Him about your struggles to believe in Him and ask Him to help you believe in Him.

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