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Blanket Party?

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    • Is It True That People In The Army Blanket Party Bunkers Not By Punching But Strip Them And Put The KIWI And Colgate On Them? Any Thing More Fun?

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    • some rub colgate on the *ahem* farking high after that. can cry. or put toothpaste when they slp. next morning wake up liao............

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    • will get charged if complained by, though most of the time it will be just sign extras.

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    • Yeah, the kiwi & toothpaste sabo take place after lights out. Not really hazing either, more like mischief. But shaving cream is recommended instead of toothpaste (which can really sting if rubbed onto the eyes). Just silently spread the stuff on a sleeping guy's hand, & leave it to him to scratch himself. Some of the koon kings would remain totally oblivious at reveille, until their buddies point out their blackened faces or white mustaches. Shaving cream on the slippers typically guarantee 100% success rate too.

      Blanket parties aren't that organized by comparison, & there's no oversized sheets to wrap a victim down for an extended whacking either. Usually it's a sudden ambush, then a quick rain of punches & kicks, & everybody runs off before he frees himself.

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    • We had some versions of blanket party.

      1) Pile on some guy then make his thing erect.

      2)Pile and tickle (wow i kena this one. will die one!)

      3) Take your pillow, blanket then rub on it.

      4) Hug you then shake.

      5) We did this on our sergeants during POP day... haha....

      i) Sergeants come into our bunk to talk cock(all of us in there liao)

      ii) Lock the door

      iii) Pin them down. one sergeant got 5 people pin lol. there are 4 sergeants

      iv) Toothpaste everywhere, inside the underwear also

      But later area cleaning damn sian....

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    • blanket party is fun! esp tekan those who always sabo the platoon to knock it down!! shade.png

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