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Military Medicine Institute (MMI @Kent Ridge)

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    • Hello all, may i know how do i get to MMI ?

      i did a seach and found out that i can travel to bouna vista and take bus 95 to NUH and walk over to DSO.

      i have never been to bouna vista before so i am not sure where do i go around taking 95 that is in the right direction?

      (any hints will be helpful, like the bus stop acorss the road, overhead bridge )

      How long is the duration of the bus journey?


      Thank you in advance. and pls don't flame me........

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    • go to Dover MRT. Then turn right and walk down to the (near) taxi stand... Got free shuttle bus to NUH. Then walk ur way to MMI.


      Or if you're in either Mindef or CMPB, there will be a free shuttle at a certain time.

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