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    • Please submit the hospital specialist memo to the camp doctor to assess and process.

      As usual, please refer to this guideline:

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    • FYI, PES is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PULHHEEMS.

      1) Go to Public Hospital / Private Specialist.

      Note: You will be classified as a subsidised patient if your first visit is via:

      • Referral letter from a Government Restructured Hospital under subsidised status, A&E, Polyclinic or SAF, without specifying a specialist by name.
      • Discharge from inpatient class B2 or C without specifying a specialist by name.

      Consult specialist, and do whatever medical check ups required. E.g. physical exam, blood test, x-ray, CT scan, MRI scan.


      3) Specialist gave a finalised clinical diagnosis.


      4) Get the specialist to write you a memo which is to be given to SAF MO. Those who can and are willing to spend some more money can get him/her to write you a specialist report, which is more precise and detailed.

      Note: For not to waste time and money, please be more direct yet humble. Request the specialist to write about reviewing of PES and medical board / anything specific such as any excuses to your conditions.


      5) Book an medical review appointment using the eHealth module @ ns.sg (for NSman Reservists).

      Just go down to your camp medical centre (for NSFs).

      Call CMPB @ 6373 1340 to request another PES review (for Pre-Enlistees after CMPB Checkup).


      6) Make a trip down to the respective unit camp medical centre. Give the MO whatever supporting documents you have in hand. E.g. Specialist memo/report (most usually the case and highly recommended), x-ray films, CT/MRI scan report, blood investigation lab report... etc.


      7) MO will decide whether you are deemed eligible for KIV downgrade, according to the criterias set in the "PES Bible" directive. E.g. Diagnosis, Extent of Diagnosis, Degree of Diagnosis/Injury/Illness/Disease...etc.


      8) If deemed so, you will sign an acknowledgement notice of Medical Board, whereby your case statement is prepared for review discussion at the monthly medical board meet (usually at the Formation/Division HQ) with another NSF CPT MO and the Chairman (SAF Regular Medical Doctor of MAJOR rank or above). Your Medical Board result will be post mailed to you by your respective NSHRC (Formation NS Hub).


      Time and time again, the questions for Medical Review (Downgrade) is repetitive. Therefore, this serves as a general SOP for Medical Board.


      Extract from www.mindef.gov.sg/nsmen:
      It is crucial that you update your NS HRCs if you develop a new medical condition or if an existing medical condition has worsened, which may affect your ICT performance. This is so that arrangements will be made for you to attend a medical review at the SAF medical centre to assess your fitness condition for NS.

      You MUST bring along all your investigation results and memorandums from your external physician or specialist during your medical review. You may be given a medical certificate for ICT deferment, be scheduled for a medical board to downgrade you if your medical condition is significant, or be referred to a restructured hospital for further examination depending on the outcome of your medical review.

      If your medical condition is deemed suited for ICT participation by the medical officer, you will then be allowed to attend ICT.






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    • Hi all,

      I'm currently diagnosed with major depressive disorder and my superiors know of it, but it seems like they are not taking it seriously.

      They've been reluctant in letting me see the MO personally. What should I do?

      On a side note, they have been dragging my buddy's medical review for 2 weeks already.

      Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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    • Hi Sirs and all,

      I have been diagnosed with allergic rhinitis, and I have been referred by the SAF MO to a ENT specialist.

      During my blood iGE allergy test, the results revealed that I have a Class 5 allergy to Dermatophagoides Pteronyssinus d1, class 4 allergy to Dermatophagoides Farinae d2, Class 3 allergy to Mold Screen 1 mp1, as well as a Class 2 allergy to Cockroach i6.

      I understand that perpetually everyone have some sort of allergy towards dust mites, however, both Class 4 and 5 are classified as 'Very High' allergy and it is indeed a cause for concern (at least for me...).

      Currently, I am fortunate enough to be posted as a clerk in HQ, where I do not have to partake in intense physical activities such as route marches, outfields etc. However, I am scheduled for PES A BMT recourse soon, and I honestly do not see myself passing the FFI with this condition as I am constantly plagued with flu symptoms. I am currently on nasal spray (twice/day) as well as sinus rinse bottle (thrice/day). 

       I am currently scheduled for another MA at the end of this month, where I will try and obtain the necessary medical documents. 

      With that said, can anyone kindly advise regarding the PES status of my current condition, as well as the statuses I may get? Would like a heads up, and know what I should expect from my visit with my MO :)


      P/S: By the way, is it true that not all medication are covered under 11B? I was informed by the hospital that I have to pay for my sinus rinse bottle. Not that it was expensive, but I was under the belief that all medication/costs are covered for, especially so when I was referred by the SAF MO.

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    • Please call the 24/7 NS hotline at 1800-3676767 to speak to a customer service officer.

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    • As a general rule, put everything into the duffle bag for the first week in a new camp.

      When book out, then bring whatever not needed in a bag to put at home.

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    • Please call the 24/7 NS hotline at 1800-3676767 to speak to a customer service officer.

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