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IRAS Income Tax: Qualifying Child Relief (QCR)

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    • LOL... I serve NS in 2007 and 2008, and my dad recently received a letter asking him to pay more taxes... Cos... I do not qualify for Qualifying Child Relief (QCR)...

      Found out from the IRAS website,


      Qualifying/handicapped child relief



      Qualifying criteria

      For qualifying Child Relief (QCR)

      The qualifying child must – 

      • Be unmarried; and
      • Be a legitimate child, step child or legally adopted child; and
      • Be below 16 years old or studying full-time at any university, college or other educational institution; and
      • Does not have an annual income (e.g. salary, NS pay and tax exempt income such as bank interest, dividend and pension. However, scholarship and similar allowances are excluded) exceeding $2,000 in the previous year.

      With effect from Year of Assessment (YA) 2010 onwards, the income threshold has increased from $2,000 to $4,000NEW!.

      Though my dad is paying, I just find it a bit ridiculous leh....

      We serve 2 years of NS, and were only given NS allowances, but suddenly our parents cannot get Qualifying Child Relief.... -_-"

      Whats more, NSFs cannot work because they are serving the nation.
      And our NS allowance suddenly becomes pay to IRAS and is taxable by IRAS.

      And most NSFs are serving NS after JC / Poly... by then we are 18/19.... and not below 16... which means every single one of us serving the nation do not qualify for QCR!

      Any of you experienced the same thing?

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