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Mob Ops Manning: How? Call 24/7 NS Hotline @ 1800-3676767?

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      Source: www.mindef.gov.sg/nsmen


      You are required to standby for practice and actual mobilisation. Mobilisation can occur anytime and requires both you and your employer’s full support.

      In this section, you will be guided through the process of mobilisation and what it entails.

      (A)    Operationally Ready

      To be operationally ready means that our armed forces are able to transform ourselves from a disciplined and well-prepared force in peace time to an effective fighting force in war time. To maintain this efficiency of operational readiness, you must report to your Mobilisation Centre immediately once you are mobilised.

      (B)    Mobilisation Systems
      Every NS unit has a mobilisation plan and you will be briefed on your role in the mobilisation exercises. Once you are mobilised, you are to report immediately to your Mobilisation Centre in your uniform with your personal equipment.

      Mobilisation systems can take place in 2 forms:

      Silent Mobilisation System
      i. Primary Means:
      The eMobilisation system will notify you via the telephone (home, office or mobile) or facsimile. It is therefore crucial that your personal details, especially your contact numbers are updated through eSelf-Update in the NS Portal (www.ns.sg).

      ii. Back-up Means – Personal Contact:
      A Mobilisation Order (SAF 98A/B) or Mobilisation Notice (SAF 98C/D) will be served to your home if you cannot be contacted through the primary means.

      iii. The SAF 98A/B are used only during actual operations, while the SAF 98C/D are used for practices.

      Open Mobilisation System
      The mass media such as the television, radio, Omni-theatres and cinemas are used to inform you that your unit has been mobilised. Upon announcement of the Code words, you are required to report immediately to your Mobilisation Centre for military service/exercises in your uniform with your personal equipment.

      Note that if you completely fail to report or fail to report within the stipulated period given by your NS unit will be regarded as absentees. Your absence will continue to be regarded as such until you report to your NS unit with a valid explanation for your absence.

      For all who are NS KAHs, you are required to seek prior approval from your HQ if you need to be excused or are travelling overseas during your Standby duration. Disciplinary actions will be taken against you if you fail to give an acceptable explanation.

      (C)    Mobilisation Manning
      Before you ORD or your first operational manning, your unit will brief you on the following:

      1. Your unit code words. Stickers with your code words will be given to help you and your family members remember the code words.
      2. Mobilisation Centre location to report during mobilisation.
      3. Mobilisation Means. This could be through telephone, SMS, fax, email or written notices and orders.
      4. Frequency of Operational Manning. Manning occurs about twice a work year during which you are liable for mobilisation exercises.
      5. Special arrangements. If you are performing emergency service, or your immediate absence from your work place may be critical or hazardous to life, you need to inform your NS unit and report as soon as your functions are satisfactorily handed over.

      During mobilisation exercise, your NS unit may be required to move out for field exercises after the normal reporting is done. Being mindful of your varying commitments, the SAF will make every effort to minimise disruption to your civilian careers when mobilisation exercises are held.

      How can my family support my mobilisation?
      You are encouraged to keep your family members informed of your whereabouts especially during your Operational Manning Periods. They should also be informed of how and where they can contact you to facilitate your speedy mobilisation.

      Your family members should also know your NS unit’s code words and be prepared that you are required to remain at the unit for a longer period if the mobilisation should involves field exercises.

      If you have any family members that are 16 years of age or above, they can acknowledge any call-up notice serve at your residence. Upon receipt, they must contact you immediately.


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    • Source: www.mindef.gov.sg/nsmen

      Reservist Call-Up  (eSAF 100)

      (Fm: MINDEF) You have a National Service Call-Up Notification. For more details, go to www.ns.sg or call 6446 7636. For assistance, call 1800-eNSNSNS (3676767).

      Ops Mob Manning
      To listen to the message via IVRS, please call 6242 5242


      Pioneer Magazine Cancellation
      Reservists: Call 6373 1114 or [email protected]
      NSF: Find Unit Clerk / Chief Clerk

      Just provide Name, NRIC No. & a Simple Reason for Cancellation.


      Facilitate your transition from being an NSF to an Operational Ready NSman Reservist.

      It comprises useful information on:
      * Your roles, responsibilities and benefits as an Nsman
      * Key administrative and transitional services you need to know and use as an Nsman

      For NSF, you are COMPULSORY to complete this package by:
      * Reading all the information in all the modules
      * Taking the quiz at the end of each module
      * Completing the survey at the end of all the modules

      Once you have completed all the modules, print a copy of the completion certificate as proof of your effort in order for Chief Clerk to sign your ORD Clearance Form.

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