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Sign On RSAF: LASIK for Pilot/ WSO Applicants?

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    • Hi all,

      I'm sure this is an interesting topic for all pilot wannabes.


      FYI: ALL Pilot/WSO applicants required to go through LASIK MUST go through RSAF first. RSAF will NOT accept LASIK-corrected applicants


      I'm trying to gather information which are the LASIK clinics and methods approved by RSAF for their pilots and WSOs. Those who know, please share here~!

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    • I guess from the way you write this post, you yourself are also a fighter pilot wannable.

      When I was in the Army, the Air-Force did came for recruitment talk.

      The criteria for eye-sight is not important, as they will provide if not send you for eyesight correction once you SIGN ON with them.

      The only condition is that you need to PASS ALL the Fighter Pilot/Pilot relevant tests first.

      5-7years bond
      Academic Qualifications: Min: JC/Dip
      Facial Skin Pore Size (as size too big, it will tear in the skies for combat pilots)
      Physical G-Force Endurance Stress Test (Physical Fitness)

      Correct me if I'm wrong, since I was rejected at the 1st level filtering process.
      Whereas my platoon mates only made it to 3-4 level before being eliminated.

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    • I would say, yes I was once a fighter pilot wannabe. Sadly I didn't made it thru the COMPASS test a few years back. Not sure whether I wanna try applying again after knowing their lifestyle.

      I'm more interested in knowing what are their approved LASIK clinics and types of surgery, as they are more stringent than NDU, Commandos and probably other units.

      I wanna go through the same LASIK as the once-shortsighted aircrew been through.

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