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CMPB Medical Checkup: Declare Condition Honestly/Truthfully?

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    • Please submit the hospital specialist memo to the camp doctor to assess and process.

      As usual, please refer to this guideline:

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    • Hi, I have bone joint and anxiety medical conditions.

      My anxiety disorder towards hygiene, if possible, afraid declare to scare maybe affect after ORD look for jobs. For example, Civil Service/ GLCs.

      PES B1/ B2/ C2/ C9 is mostly highly likely for common joint problems.

      Within PES C/ E range is mostly highly likely for psychological problems.


      MOH to launch two new community-based mental health initiatives
      Posted: 12 November 2012 1930 hrs

      Minister of State for Health Dr Amy Khor announced in Parliament on Monday two new community-based mental health initiatives designed to improve Singaporeans' access to mental healthcare.

      "We are developing Assessment and Shared Care Teams (ASCAT), which are specialist-led mental health teams based in the community, in order to improve access to mental health care. We are also developing Community Mental Health Intervention Teams (COMIT) to provide improved access to counselling and psychotherapy services in the community," said Dr Khor.

      Dr Khor also said that the Institute of Mental Health's (IMH) occupancy rate for the past three years averaged at about 80 per cent and that the hospital has sufficient capacity for new patients.

      There are currently about 2,000 beds across public hospitals in Singapore dedicated to mental health patients, with the majority in IMH.

      Responding to queries from Member of Parliament Mr Hri Kumar Nair on the criteria for admitting patients to IMH, Dr. Khor said those with conditions such as schizophrenia and depression may be admitted for closer monitoring.

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    • FYI, PES is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PULHHEEMS.

      1) Go to Public Hospital / Private Specialist.

      Note: You will be classified as a subsidised patient if your first visit is via:

      • Referral letter from a Government Restructured Hospital under subsidised status, A&E, Polyclinic or SAF, without specifying a specialist by name.
      • Discharge from inpatient class B2 or C without specifying a specialist by name.

      Consult specialist, and do whatever medical check ups required. E.g. physical exam, blood test, x-ray, CT scan, MRI scan.


      3) Specialist gave a finalised clinical diagnosis.


      4) Get the specialist to write you a memo which is to be given to SAF MO. Those who can and are willing to spend some more money can get him/her to write you a specialist report, which is more precise and detailed.

      Note: For not to waste time and money, please be more direct yet humble. Request the specialist to write about reviewing of PES and medical board / anything specific such as any excuses to your conditions.


      5) Book an medical review appointment using the eHealth module @ www.ns.sg (for NSman Reservists).

      Just go down to your camp medical centre (for NSFs).

      Call CMPB @ 6373 1340 to request another PES review (for Pre-Enlistees after CMPB Checkup).


      6) Make a trip down to the respective unit camp medical centre. Give the MO whatever supporting documents you have in hand. E.g. Specialist memo/report (most usually the case and highly recommended), x-ray films, CT/MRI scan report, blood investigation lab report... etc.


      7) MO will decide whether you are deemed eligible for KIV downgrade, according to the criterias set in the "PES Bible" directive. E.g. Diagnosis, Extent of Diagnosis, Degree of Diagnosis/Injury/Illness/Disease...etc.


      8) If deemed so, you will sign an acknowledgement notice of Medical Board, whereby your case statement is prepared for review discussion at the monthly medical board meet (usually at the Formation/Division HQ) with another NSF CPT MO and the Chairman (SAF Regular Medical Doctor of MAJOR rank or above). Your Medical Board result will be post mailed to you by your respective NSHRC (Formation NS Hub).


      Time and time again, the questions for Medical Review (Downgrade) is repetitive. Therefore, this serves as a general SOP for Medical Board.


      Extract from www.mindef.gov.sg/nsmen:
      NSmen must update their NS HRCs if they should develop any new medical condition or if their existing medical condition has worsened which might affect their ability to perform their duties during ICT. Arrangements will then be made for them to attend a medical review at the SAF medical centre to assess their fitness for NS.

      The NSmen MUST bring along all investigation results and memorandums from his external physician/specialist during the medical review. Depending on the outcome of the medical review, the NSman may be given a medical certificate to defer him from ICT, be scheduled for a medical board to downgrade him if his medical condition is significant, or referred to a restructured hospital for further investigation. In the event that the medical officer determines that the NSman’s medical condition will not affect his ability to participate in the ICT, he will allow the NSman to attend the ICT.

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    • To be covered under any employer's employment group insurance, a typical job application form will have a 'Declaration' section at the end of the form just before your signature, which usually read,

      "Have you been or are you suffering from any medical condition/ disease/ illness/ major medical condition/ mental disorder or physical impairment?"

      "Yes/ No"

      "If your answer to any of the above is yes, please give details in the space provided."

      I declare that all information given herein are true and correct. I understand that a misrepresentation or omission of facts will be sufficient cause for cancellation of consideration for employment or dismissal from the Company’s service if I have been employed.


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