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Your Role as NSmen / Support for NSmen

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    • As a NSman, you form the backbone and frontline of our military defence system. Your dedication and commitment represent your will to stand up for the nation, your family, friends and employers.

      Within 6 months after your ORD, you will be notified of your deployment and NS unit. Your deployment will be based on considerations of your educational qualifications, medical fitness and the operational and manpower requirements of the SAF.

      To empower you to be an operationally ready NSman, MINDEF has put in place a series of world-class training schemes. This is to ensure your physical potential is fully optimised and that you are provided with full support and valued as a soldier.

      Support for NSmen

      As a soldier, a father, son, husband, brother or employee, you play an indispensable role in the defence of our nation.  As assets of our country, your health, welfare and well-being are vital to MINDEF.

      To ensure full support of your welfare, MINDEF has designed services, training and welfare facilities, benefits and compensation schemes to provide for you as an NSman and employee.


      To facilitate you and your employer’s understanding of ORNS, a list of commonly used terms has been compiled for your reference.

      National Servicemen (NSmen)
      What was previously known as ‘Reservists’, have since been renamed as National Servicemen (NSmen). These are primarily male Singaporeans and Permanent Residents (PR) who have completed their full-time National Service and transited to the Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) cycle.

      Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS)
      This refers to the NS training phase that NSmen undergo within their NS unit training cycle. NSmen can be called up to perform 40 days of NS every work year.

      NS Unit Training Cycle
      Most NS units follow a training cycle that typically spans 10 years, including at least 7 high-key (HK) training. This is to ensure that NS training is conducted effectively and efficiently.


          High-Key (HK) Training – refers to NS training of 7 days and longer.
          Low-Key (LK) Training – refers to NS training of less than 7 days.

      National Service (NS) Year
      This is aligned to the work year, i.e. 1 Apr to 31 March of the following year. During each NS year, the NSman will undergo NS training in accordance to his NS unit’s training tempo and clock either a HK or a LK training.

      This refers to the notification informing the NSman to report for NS activities. E.g. In-Camp training (ICT), briefing, courses, etc.

      This is a legally binding document, which obliges the NSman to report for an NS activity. The NSman is required to acknowledge the SAF100 and inform his employer, if any of the forthcoming NS activity. Failing to comply will subject the NSman to disciplinary action.

      This refers to a request by an NSman to postpone his scheduled call-up to a later date, usually within the same work year.

      This is a request by an NSman to postpone his NS call-up for a period of one year or longer, usually for the purpose of overseas studies or postings.

      MINDEF Reserve (MR)
      MINDEF Reserve consists of NSmen who have completed their NS training cycle but have yet to reach the statutory age. They are no longer called back for In-Camp Training (ICT) but are still liable for NS.

      Ex-National Service (Ex-NS)
      These are NSmen who have reached the statutory age, i.e. 40 for non-officers and 50 for officers and have completed their NS liability.




      Your performance as a soldier may earn you recognition in the form of individual or shared awards.

      (A)    National Service Recognition Award (NSRA) for Singapore Citizens

      The NSRA seeks to provide sustained recognition for Singapore Citizens who service National Service. If eligible, the award will be disbursed equally at 3 significant milestones during your full-time NS and ORNS.

      What benefits will I receive?

      The NSRA is a monetary award of a total of between $9,000 and $10,500 for each NSman, depending on your rank and vocation.

      NSmen will receive $3,000 at each of the milestones. If you are a Commander (ranking 3G and above), you will receive an additional $500 at each milestone in recognition of your substantially heavier responsibilities.

      When will I receive the award?

      1.    NSFs who attain the 1st milestone (completion of full-time NS) will receive the award through their Post-Secondary Education Account.

      2.    NSmen who attain the 2nd milestone (mid-point of their ORNS training) and 3rd milestone (completion of ORNS training cycle) will receive the award through their Central Provident Fund (CPF) account.

      (B)    ORNS Completion Award

      The ORNS Completion Award is to recognise and commend you on your service and completion of ORNS and 10 years of NS training.

      With effect from 29 August, 2010, all Singapore Permanent Resident who have completed ORNS training cycle and phased into MINDEF Reserved will also be eligible for this award. For Singapore citizens, the ORNS Completion Award will be replaced by the 3rd milestone of the National Service Recognition Award.

      What benefits will I receive?

      i.    Monetary Reward
            You will receive a monetary reward of $300, which will be paid into your Central Provident Fund (CPF) account.

      ii.    Gift Watch
            You may receive a gift watch either upon completion of 10 years ORNS or completion of your ORNS training cycle, whichever is earlier.

      To recognise your achievement you get during your training, you may be awarded medals at different stages of your ORNS training cycle.

      Some of the medals include: the Good Service Medal, NS Medal/Clasp, 20 year-year Long Service and Good Conduct Medal/Clasp.

      For you to qualify for these awards, it depends on:

          Your NS performance;

          Number of High Key (HK) ICT you have attended; and
          ORNS training years you have completed.


      Your performance is observed during your ICT and if you show potential for higher appointments and responsibilities, you may be considered for promotion.

      To qualify a promotion, you are measured by:

          Your NS performance;
          Number of High Key (HK) ICT you have attended; and
          ORNS training years you have completed.

      Family Recognition Voucher

      To recognise the importance of family support in maintaining NSmen's commitment to defence and NS training, NSmen who are recipients of Awards/Letters of Commendation or who have performed outstandingly during In-Camp Training (ICT) or courses, will be presented with $100 worth of vouchers so that they could spend with their families. These vouchers could be used on a range of rewarding experiences.  

      Since Aug 12, the initiative has been enhanced to allow NSmen to select their rewards packages on-line. The list of rewards packages has also been expanded. Eligible NSmen will be presented with a congratulation letter by their Commanders at the point of eligibility ie at the end of their ICT/course or Award ceremony. 3 weeks from the notification, they would be able to select their choice rewards package on-line via NS Portal. NSmen are required to choose and utilise their rewards package within 13 months from being awarded.

      New rewards packages that have been added include beach breaks at local and overseas resort, family fun activities (Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, Universal Studios, SAFRA etc), gourmet experience (Imperial Cheng Ho cruise, Singapore Flyer etc), spa and wellness activities and travel services. A preview of the reward packages is available at www.ns.sg/benefits/frv.





      Service Pay

      What is Service Pay?
      Service Pay is equivalent to the NS allowance, and is dependent on your rank and the vocation you are holding. This reflects the different responsibilities each NSman shoulders. If you are holding a combat vocation, your service pay will include a combat allowance.

      Service pay will be given to you each day of your NS training including weekends and public holidays. It will be pro-rated based on the duration of your NS training. A minimum half-day service pay will be credited to you for NS activities of 4 hours or less.

      While service pay may not be an accurate measure of compensation for your commitments towards the defence of Singapore, it serves as recognition of your contribution to NS each day.

      How is service pay calculated?

      Monthly service pay of an Infantry 3SG     $990.00
      (A)    Period of NS training
              Service Pay
          5 Apr 2010 (0800hrs) to 11 Apr 2010 (1159hrs)
      7/30 days x $990.00 = $231.00
      (B)    Period of NS training
              Service Pay
          5 Apr 2010 (0800hrs) to 5 Apr 2010 (1200hrs)
      0.5/30 days x $990.00 = $16.50

      *Note that from 1 April 2010, you will receive an annual increment dependent on the satisfactory completion of your NS activity in the preceding work year (1 April to 31 March).
      Make-Up Pay

      What is Make-Up Pay (MUP)?
      MUP is a reimbursement for any civilian income loss you suffered as a result of having to attend your NS training. Any NSman who is gainfully employed or self-employed is eligible to claim MUP. Please note that MUP is claimable only if there is an overlap between your civilian working hours and the NS training. Any loss of income suffered outside the duration of NS training will not be compensated by MINDEF.

      NSmen’s attention is drawn to:
      a.    Regulation 9 of the Enlistment (Loss of Salaries and Wages – Reimbursement) Regulation, 1978:
      -    Authorised personnel from MINDEF may conduct visits to companies to verify the make-up pay claims. Employers/NSmen are requested to give access to the required documents related to the claim.

      b.    Regulation 10(2) of the Enlistment (Loss of Salaries and Wages – Reimbursement) Regulation, 1978:
      -    If there is any dispute on the decision given on MUP claim, the NSman must notify MINDEF in writing, stating the grounds of the dispute and supported by the necessary documentary evidence, not later than 3 weeks from the date on which the decision on the claim is given.

      c.    Regulation 11 of the Enlistment (Loss of Salaries and Wages – Reimbursement) Regulation, 1978:
      -    Any person who gives false or misleading information in respect of MUP claims shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding S$2,000 or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 12 months or to both.

      How is my MUP calculated?


      Monthly service pay of an Infantry 3SG


      Period of NS training

      5 Apr 2010 (0800hrs) to 11 Apr 2010 (1159hrs)

      Service Pay

      7/30 days  x $990.00 = $231.00

      Civilian Income Loss

      5 days of civilian pay = $500.0

      Net Financial Loss
          Civilian pay loss – Service pay
      = $500.00 - $231.00= $269.00

      Make Up Pay


      When you attend the NS activity, your employer deducts 5 days of your civilian pay from your income for April amounting to $500.00. You will then lose a net finance of $269.00 ($500.00 - $231.00) after considering the deduction by your employer and your service pay for the training.

      How do I claim MUP?
      You can claim your MUP through online submission at NS Portal (www.ns.sg) or download the hardcopy claim forms from NS Portal and follow the instructions.

      What are my claim options?
      (A)    NSmen who are civil servants:

      If you are a public servant working in Ministries and Statutory Boards, note that your employer will continue to pay your full salary for the duration of your call-up. You will then not be paid service pay and make-up pay. However, you will only be paid service pay if your call-ups are conducted entirely outside of working hours.

      (B)    NSmen who are employed:

      Option 1:
      Direct Reimbursement to Employers of Claims for NS Training Scheme (DIRECT) [Optional Scheme for Employers]

      Your employer continues to pay you as per your normal pay schedule and reimbursement from MINDEF will be made to your employer. In this instance, you are not required to file a claim.

      *Note that this is an optional scheme for your employers, i.e. you would need to inform your employers to opt into this scheme by registering online at NS Portal (www.ns.sg)!

      Option 2:
      Payment to the NSman

      You will be reimbursed directly by MINDEF once your employer certify and submit your MUP claim to MINDEF.

      (C)    NSmen who are self-employed:

      You can choose from the option that suits you best. Note that once an option is chosen for a particular training, it is irrevocable.

      Option 1: Income Tax Option
      Your monthly income will be calculated based on your average monthly trade (self-employment) income as shown in your Income Tax Notice of Assessment (NA) for the year of NS Training.

      As your trade income for the year will not be available at the time of your claim submission, a provisional payment will be made based on your latest available trade income. Thereafter, an adjustment will be made when the trade income of the year of training is available.

      In the event is there is an underpayment, arrears will be paid to you. If there should be any overpaid amount, it will be recovered from you. Overpayments may also be recovered from your subsequent MUP claims.

      Your trade income for provisional payment and the final adjusted amount will be obtained directly from IRAS.

      Option 2: Average Income Option
      Your monthly income will be calculated based on your average income earned in the 6 months before the NS training.

      For example, if you are a doctor or a transport driver, you can claim replacement fees incurred when you engage a replacement staff to fulfill your duties during your absence.

      What is the deadline for MUP claim submission?
      All your MUP claims should be submitted 2 weeks prior to your training commencement to ensure prompt payment. If your claim is submitted after your NS training, you will only be paid your service pay first. MUP will be paid to you after your claim is approved.

      Please note that your MUP claim must be submitted within 3 months from your payment of service pay. All supporting documents can be submitted later but still within the 3 months from the payment of service pay. Thereafter, it will not be accepted.

      How will I be paid?
      All payments will be credited into your bank account number provided by you during your full-time NS or regular service. It is therefore important for you to ensure that your personal information is updated. You can update any changes on eSelf-Update at NS Portal (www.ns.sg).

      If your employer is on the DIRECT Schemes and wish to change their bank account, please ensure that they log in to eServices at NS Portal (www.ns.sg) to update the company’s particulars.

      Please note that if there is an overpayment of MUP due to whatever reason, MINDEF reserves the right to offset the excess quantum from your future NS payments, which may be in the form of service pay.

      Payment Queries
      If you have any queries on payment, you can get assistance from the following:

      Online: NS Portal (www.ns.sg)
      Email: [email protected]
      Hotline: 1800-367 6767 (1800-eNSNSNS)
      Fax: 6373 1464 (For employed claims)
              6373 1499 (For self-employed claims)
      Awards & Allowances

      To recognise your potential and help you reach your optimal performance in your NS training, MINDEF has initiated various incentives:

      (A)    Awards

          National Service Recognition Award ($3,000 and up)
          ORNS Completion Award ($300)
          IPPT Award ($100/$200/$400)
          Marksmanship Award ($200)

      For more details on Awards, read more at: Recognition

      (B)    Allowances

          Aircrew Allowance
          Commando Jump Bounty
          Diving Allowance
          Flying Allowance
          Key Appointment Holder – KAH(NS) Allowance
          -    You will be paid over and above your make-up pay (MUP) with Key Appointment Holder (NS) and Responsibility (NS) allowance, if you are a NS key command or a staff appointment holder.
          Responsibility (NS) Allowance
          Command Appointment Add-On Allowance (with effect from 1 May 2010)

      SAF Group Insurance Scheme

      Your safety is of utmost importance during your NS training. All NS activities require adherence to strict safety regulations. As such, we have specially arranged for you the SAF Group Insurance Scheme. This is underwritten by Aviva Ltd and provides for you 24 hours worldwide coverage and it is comprehensive and kept at a minimal cost.

      All NSmen aged 55 and below are eligible to apply. Your dependent male children are also eligible for coverage from age 14 days to their 18th year birthday; and female children from age 14 days to 25. Under this scheme, you and your spouse can continue to enjoy this insurance scheme up to age 70. This insurance pays for all forms of death (except suicide within one year from the date of commencement of insurance), total and permanent disablement and permanent partial dismemberment arising from personal accident.

      Details of Scheme

      (A)    Fees and Sum Insured

      Under the SAF Group Insurance Scheme, you have the option of selecting the sum assured in multiples of $10,000, from a minimum of $20,000 to a maximum of $600,000. For each insured sum of $10,000, you only have to pay a monthly premium of $1.28 and $1.00 for your dependents.

      (B)    Rebates

      When you participate in this scheme, you can expect to receive rebates for your annual premiums in a “good year” (i.e. a year in which claims paid out to policyholders are lesser than the total premiums received).

      The rebates paid out in the last 3 policy years averaged at about 34% of total premium paid by policyholders. Based on the revised rate of $1.28 and $1.00 for you and your dependents respectively, this in effect means that policyholders pay a monthly premium of only $0.85 and $0.66 per $10,000 coverage for you and your dependants.

      (C)    Payment Method

      Premiums for the sum insured will be deducted monthly through GIRO.

      For more information of the scheme, please contact:

      Aviva Ltd Customer Service
      Hotline: 6827 8000, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5.30pm (excluding Public Holidays)
      Email: [email protected]
      Tax Relief

      All eligible NSmen will get a base tax relief quantum of $1,500 per year. If you have performed NS activities in the previous work year (i.e. from 1 Apr to 31 Mar), you will receive an additional $1,500, i.e. a net total of $3,000.

      If you are a NS key command or a staff appointment holder, you will be given an additional quantum of $2,000 in recognition of your substantial contribution.

      If you are an ex-NSmen or NS-liable ex-regular servicemen above statutory age, you will be given a base quantum of $1,500.

      Your parents and spouse (who must be Singapore Citizens) will also receive a tax relief of $750 per year.

      Only NSmen who have not committed any disciplinary or criminal offences in the preceding work year are eligible for tax relief.
      e-Prep Scheme

      This is a MINDEF initiative to recognise our full-time NSF’s contribution to Singapore’s defence and continued stability. In return, we offer an online preparatory and refresher courses to them while they are in service to facilitate from full-time NS to either join the workforce or further their studies. There are no restrictions to the number of courses that each NSF can sign up. All e-Prep courses are priced at an affordable rate, which are significantly lower than the market rate.

      Who is eligible?
      All NSFs are eligible for e-Prep during their last 12 months of service and continues to be eligible for this benefit within 1 year after their ORD. They will be notified by post individually when they are eligible.

      Details of e-Prep
      Every NSF will be allocated $350 worth of credits to subsidise for the courses that he subscribes.  As a guide, MINDEF will subsidise up to 90% of the course fee, subject to the maximum subsidy given or the credit balance of the NSF, whichever is higher. For example, for a $100 course, the NSF will pay $10 and MINDEF will bear the remainder $90. Note that any subsidies that are not consumed within 1 year after the NSF’s ORD will be forfeited.

      Category of Courses
      There are now 12 participating training providers, which includes local Institutes of Higher Learning, and e-learning vendors. These vendors offer more than 1,500 course titles in 3 broad categories:

          Academic Courses:
          These courses aim to help the NSFs refresh and update their academic knowledge from previous learning and to facilitate transitions into further studies. Such courses are usually provided by Institutions of Higher Learning. Having completed selected courses, NSFs would get a head start in their educational pursuits after their fulltime service.
          Professional Certification and Technical Courses:
          These are predominantly technical courses like, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, which will add value to a non-technical certification course to enhance the NSF’s employability.
          Enabling Skills (“Soft Soft Skills”) Courses:
          These courses aim to provide the NSFs with generic knowledge, skills and attitudes to succeed in the workplace or further studies.

      How to Participate?
      Participation to this scheme is strictly voluntary.

      All available e-Prep courses are published on the internet and for convenience, NSFs can e-learn from the comfort of their own homes or in their camps as long as there are internet facilities. Military training and duties will take precedence over the participation in this scheme.

      NSFs can refer to NS Portal (www.ns.sg) for more information on this scheme. They may also view their credit allocation and balance, records of their past attended courses and the available range of courses.

      All course applications can be done online and once the 10% co-payment is made to the course provider, the NSF will be granted access to the course material.

      For assistance or clarifications on this scheme, the NSF can contact:

      NS Call Centre: 1800-eNSNSNS (1800-3676767)
      Email: [email protected]
      SMS: eNSNS (36767)
      SAFRA National Service Association

      SAFRA is a network of clubs that seeks to provide quality social, recreational, sports and educational facilities that will benefit you and your families.

      As a SAFRA member, you can enjoy discounts, privileges and services. The offerings include:

          Access to facilities at all SAFRA clubs
          Discounts at over 650 popular dining and retail outlets
          Rewards programme that offers redeemable products and services through SAFRAPOINTS
          Discounted movie tickets at Golden Village cinemas
          Attractive travel packages
          Attractive low premium insurance schemes
          Special rates for local chalets at Costa Sands and Bintan Villas
          Educational sponsorship and benefits for selected courses from UniSIM, SMa School of Management, SAA, MIS, Kaplan Financial, TMC and more
          Free legal information service

      SAFRA Cohesion Building Programme (CBP)

      The SAFRA Cohesion Building Programme (CBP) was formed to increase esprit de corps amongst you and your unit. CBP provides subsidy scheme that helps to defray the cost of organising unit cohesion activities depending on the participating number strength on a per head basis and the type of activity.

      For more information on SAFRA packages or programme, please contact:

      Website: www.safra.sg
      Membership Enquiries: [email protected]
      Cohesion Building Prrogramme Enquiries: [email protected]
      General Enquiries: [email protected]
      Medical Services

      (A)    Medical Treatment

      You may seek medical attention to any SAF medical centre during your ICT. The medical officer may refer you to a restructured hospital for further treatment if the facilities or recourses are unavailable at the medical centre; or if there is a need for follow-up after your ICT. Note that MINDEF will only subsidise medical expenses incurred by you that fall within the prevailing guidelines.

      (B)    Dental Treatment

      You may only seek urgent dental treatment at SAF Dental Centres for emergency dental conditions that arise during your ICT. (E.g. acute toothache, acute gum swelling, etc.)

      (C)    Medical Review – New/Existing Medical Conditions

      It is crucial that you update your NS HRCs if you develop a new medical condition or if an existing medical condition has worsened, which may affect your ICT performance. This is so that arrangements will be made for you to attend a medical review at the SAF medical centre to assess your fitness condition for NS.

      You MUST bring along all your investigation results and memorandums from your external physician or specialist during your medical review. You may be given a medical certificate for ICT deferment, be scheduled for a medical board to downgrade you if your medical condition is significant, or be referred to a restructured hospital for further examination depending on the outcome of your medical review.

      If your medical condition is deemed suited for ICT participation by the medical officer, you will then be allowed to attend ICT.
      Welfare Services

      You and your families’ welfare is important, as such, the SAF Personnel Services Centre (PSC) is here to manage and administer your welfare benefits.

      For more information or assistance on the available welfare services, please contact your unit’s admin.

      NSmen Asset Enhancement Schemes

      Preferential rebates may be given to NSmen whenever the Government introduces any asset enhancement schemes. Examples of NSmen Asset Enhancement Schemes are the additional allotment of Growth Dividends and GST Credits.

      (A)    Service Injuries

      If you sustained an injury during your NS training, it may be considered as attributable to service only when service is the cause of injury. If you sustained an injury during ICT, you are required to report immediately to your unit’s Medical Officer and unit S1. This is so that your unit can arrange to attend to your injury, and document your injury sustained in your medical docket.

      Before MINDEF determines that an injury is attributable to service, you are responsible for bearing all medical expenses. Treatment for your injury must be sought at government or restructured hospitals at your eligible ward and referred to by a government or SAF Medical Officer.

      In the case of permanent disablement due to service injury, a medical board will be convened. Eligibility for disability compensation will be based on the degree of residual permanent disability as endorsed by the SAF Medical Board.

      If your service injury requires continuous medical or hospitalisation leave beyond your ICT period, you are eligible for a stepped-down compensation as a form of ex-gratia payment. Compensation will be based on your civilian pay or an equivalent regular serviceman’s pay (whichever is higher) if you do not receive any income from your employers. This ex-gratia payment is compensation for your loss of income during this period. Payment will cease when you are no longer on medical/hospitalisation leave or when disability compensation is paid, whichever is earlier.

      (B)    Non-Service Injuries

      i.    Satisfactory Completion of NS Training
      If you are given medical leave for non-service injuries but are able to complete your NS training satisfactorily, your medical leave will be considered as part of NS training. You will be eligible for service pay and MUP for the completed NS training duration, inclusive of all periods of medical leave.

      ii.    Disruption from NS Training
      If you are given medical leave for non-service injuries and your unit has disrupted you from NS training, you are eligible for service pay and MUP till the end of your medical leave or original NS training, whichever is earlier. The payment of service pay and MUP from the date of disruption is made on an ex-gratia basis and is restricted to the first medical certificate you submit.

      iii.    Deferment from NS Training
      If you report sick on the first day of NS training and are granted deferment on the same day, you will not be eligible for service pay and MUP for any period of medical leave. You will, however, be eligible for service pay and MUP for the time spent at the unit to seek consultation with your unit’s Medical Officer or to get your medical certificate endorsed.

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