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Stay-Out: Post Out? Ask S1 Manpower Officer/Chief Clerk?

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    • Hello :) created account just to post this question because it's been bugging me quite a while and no one in the SAF gives straight answers, always referring me to someone else and bouncing around chain of command.

      I've recently POP'ed and got posted to Bedok as a Guardsman (HQ side). I got diagnosed in anaemia somewhere during BMT and although I declared it early the paperwork didn't get through in time so I still got posted to a combat unit. Right now I'm awaiting to get downgraded to PES E.

      I understand that PES Es do strictly clerk work and usually stay out. I asked my OC but he and CO say that I'll most likely just get revocated to clerk within the same unit and stay in because everyone else stays in so same treatment.

      I'm kinda pissed off because it was purely due to inefficiency in the paperwork that landed me here in the first place. I've already been robbed at the chance for a guard's beret and now I'll be doing boring admin work (no offence to clerks out there! I just don't like office work) and yet I'll not be experiencing the same treatment that other PES Es get. I've emailed CMPB and all they did is refer me to the CO who declined to entertain me any further because it's "troublesome aka mafan" to get me posted out.

      I'll be seeing a specialist soon for further treatment. Anything I can do to secure myself a stay-out vocation? Any one else faced the same situation before? What are the odds of me actually getting posted out. I wanna suggest just adding me onto the personnel list for the next PES C/PES E's batch of posting orders but don't know who I can approach without bouncing me back and forth between commanders again.

      Many thanks in advance guys!

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      It is standard policy to post downgraded NSFs within the NS unit itself or among the NS units sharing the camp as much as possible to reduce administrative paperwork/ logistics matters/ problems. This is called internal transfer.

      Nevertheless, there might be an option for you. But it is dependable on your communication skills for you to seek assistance at the S1 Manpower Branch to speak to the Manpower Officer/ Chief Clerk to request/ persuade them because there is 1 more camp under Guards. It is HQ Guards at Dieppe Barracks along Sembawang Road.

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    • After Medical Board PES Review, it will change from a medical matter to an administrative one.

      Afterwards, the Posting Order is arranged by the NS unit's S1 Manpower Branch.

      Therefore, please find the Chief Clerk/ DyS1/ S1 Officer for assistance.

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    • Thanks eac, you sound very experienced and I'm so relieved to hear a different tone for once regarding this issue.

      Is there any chance for me to get posted out to another non-Guards unit altogether? Since day 1 I've been on indefinite ATTN B in here. My OC is actually sympathetic especially after I declared my family issues and was hopinh this down PES may let me be a caretaker to my mentally handicapped younger brother and my wheel chair bound mother. 

      I even went as far as to seek CMPB for assistance but all they did was to refer me to the PMC (which in this case is my S3, CO) who promptly closed the case for efficiency. Now my OC considers it closed too. Is there anything i can do? Write a formal letter to the CO/CMPB, get a strongly worded specialist memo, request a personal interview with CO/CMPB? I'm prepared to do anything fot my family, they mean the world to me. I want to be a good son to my parents before I can be one to the nation.

      I even went as far as to email CMPB for assistance but all they did was refer me back to the PMC (which I understand is my CO) promptly.

      And thanks again for your patience! I really appreciate it, there seems a faint bit of hope now

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    • After Medical Board PES Review, it will change from a medical matter to an administrative one.

      Afterwards, the Posting Order is arranged by the NS unit's S1 Manpower Branch.

      Therefore, please find the Chief Clerk/ DyS1/ S1 Officer for assistance.

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    • there is no guarantee that when you posted out, you will get posted to 9-5 unit as well. best is that you talk to your OC to let u stay out if there is no night activities...Your OC have the discreption to allow you to book out everyday.. tell them your family issue...

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    • I did talk to my OC, on the second day of posting but he says it is up to CO to let me stay out, and as mentioned CO does not want to. I have an upcoming specialist appointment, OC says that if I really want to pursue the matter I can try getting a memo from the specialist.

      Dieppe Hill would be ideal actually. All I want is just a 9-5 job like all thd other PES Es at someplace closer to my house. Dieppe Barracks will be great. Any advice on how best to bring the request up to my superiors? Waiting to actually finish the down PES and getting a memo in black and white is one thing, anything else I can fo to make the job easier for CO and OC? OC is a very nice man actually, I don't want to burden him and if there's anything to be done I will gladly do the admin cos this is my issue. 


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    • SAF Financial Assistance Schemes to NSFs

      Should you and your family face financial hardship, you can apply for financial assistance. The quantum of financial assistance is the difference between your family’s minimum subsistence level and monthly income. It’s best to talk to your officer on how to apply for this scheme upon enlistment.

      Before his National Service (NS) enlistment, Private (PTE) Max Al-Fyan Yew bin Abdul Hafiz Yew drew a stable income of about $700 a month working in sales and was the breadwinner in his family. Hence, he was understandably worried when he learnt that his monthly NS allowance would be half of what he used to earn.

      Fortunately, with the intercession of his superiors in the SAF, the SAF Personnel Services Centre (SAFPSC) was able to help him through SAF Financial Assistance Schemes. Said the supply assistant of Supply Hub East: "I’m thankful for the extra $600 that I receive every month on top of my regular NS allowance as it has greatly contributed to the payment of my family’s bills."

      1st Warrant Officer (1WO) Kng Ter Sern, Officer-in-Charge Asset Management Team, Pasir Ris Camp, went one step further by following up on PTE Yew’s case when his initial Term Financial Assistance Scheme expired. Said 1WO Kng: "Caring for our soldiers is one of the SAF core values...when Max’s initial financial assistance scheme ended in December last year, I conducted a house visit and recommended that he receive further financial help from the SAF."

      PTE Yew is just one of many examples of how the welfare schemes administered by the SAFPSC have benefitted around 65,000 in-service personnel of the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) and the SAF, as well as Operationally Ready National Servicemen (NSmen).

      "The SAFPSC’s primary role is to strategise and design welfare structures in order to support the SAF’s philosophy on welfare... We believe in the virtues of commitment and engagement, and to achieve that, we are concerned with the well-being of personnel and their families," said Lieutenant Colonel (LTC) (NS) Koa Boon Teck, Head of SAFPSC.

      As secretariat to the SAF Welfare Council, the SAFPSC introduces, implements and reviews the proposed welfare schemes and services. Its welfare efforts cover five broad areas: health care, work-life balance, finance, vacations and insurance.

      On the SAFPSC's latest efforts in improving welfare support, LTC (NS) Koa said: "We want to move away from the mental model of welfare as a reactive element, where people subscribe to welfare only when they are in need..we felt that there was an impetus to changing the image of welfare."

      Here are some of the latest welfare initiatives spearheaded by the SAF Welfare Council and the SAFPSC:

      SAF Central Welfare Fund Bursary Awards
      2nd Warrant Officer (2WO) Tanusha Tan of Headquarters 9th Division, whose 19-year-old daughter, Natasha, received the Bursary Award at the polytechnic level worth $1,200 last year, remembers her daughter being ecstatic at receiving the notification of her successful application.

      "It was a very good morale booster for Natasha, and it will surely further encourage her to do well," added 2WO Tan.

      Starting from February this year, the award, which is given to the children of MINDEF/SAF personnel to recognise their academic excellence up to the local degree level, now has a qualifying family income cap of $4,000 levied on each level of study, compared to the previous staggered qualifying income caps across all levels of study. In addition, the quantum awarded for all levels of study, less the junior colleges, polytechnics and local universities, has been increased.

      SAF holidays/ vacation spots
      The SAF Seaview Resort, Bintan Lagoon Resort & Golf Club, as well as the Joondalup Bungalows in Perth, Australia, are examples of resorts which recently underwent their first major revamp to ensure the highest levels of modernity and aesthetic appeal for holiday-makers.

      More exciting locations have also been added to the stable of SAF vacation spots, including the Amara Sanctuary Sentosa, Ascott Kuala Lumpur and Club Bali. This means that active servicemen and NSmen can enjoy relaxing stays at a wider array of resorts, at exclusive prices of up to 60 percent below published rates.

      In addition, a new travel portal will soon be introduced to allow MINDEF/SAF personnel and NSmen greater flexibility, choice and cost savings when booking rooms, airfares, car rental and even travel insurance when they go on vacations. Named Free Independent Travel, the interactive and user-friendly one-stop portal will be launched tentatively on 1 Apr.

      SAF Group Term Life (GTL) Insurance Scheme
      From 1 Jan 09 onwards, the scheme automatically covers newly-recruited MINDEF/SAF personnel for $100,000, and now has a maximum coverage of up to $600,000, unless they choose to opt out. Spouses and dependants are included in the coverage, which extends beyond the serviceman’s stay in MINDEF/SAF. NSmen are also eligible for the competitively-priced scheme.

      More information can be obtained via the Aviva-SAF Insurance Infoline at 68278000.

      SAF Financial Assistance Schemes
      Last September, monetary lifelines such as the Term Financial Assistance Scheme, which aims to alleviate the financial stresses of servicemen, were improved. This scheme, which helps needy NSFs, had its period of assistance extended from six months till the serviceman's Operationally Ready Date but subjected to review after 12 months. A term financial loan scheme was also launched for needy servicemen.

      100% subsidy for Defensive Riding Course (DRC)
      As of 1 Oct 09, the DRC, which is designed specifically for MINDEF/SAF personnel, became fully subsidised. Held at the Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) located in Woodlands, the half-day course aims to encourage road safety among those who regularly commute to work or perform despatch duties by motorcycle.

      *Applications for most of the welfare schemes can be found on the Integrated Welfare Applications and Disbursement System (iWADS) on the MINDEF/SAF intranet. All queries should be directed to the SAFPSC. Their numbers can be found via the iWADS.

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    • You can nicely tell your OC/ S1 Manpower Officer/ Chief Clerk that since HQ Guards is under the Guards Formation, it is the most optimal and minimal way for posting you to Dieppe Barracks. Afterall, it is still part of the Guards Family anyway.

    • SAF Personnel Services Centre (SAFPSC):


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    • Clerks/ Storemen in active combat units in all camps/ bases usually get confined during operations period/ camp policy, so there is no differential treatment to you...

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    • Alright thanks guys, I think I'll at least wait for my down PES results to be finalized before pursuing the matter further.

      But do you think that severe anaemia is reason enough to ask for a specialist memo with excuse stay-in? And what is CPC PMC? What is their area of influence? And I take it DTTB means CMPB at Depot Road?

      Thanks for your responses guys it really helps and I appreciate it a lot :)

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    • If you just bypass and skip over (越级) the unit's Manpower Branch and directly shoot arrows to CMPB's Control of Personnel Centre (CPC), be prepared to get your ass buttered for some actions against you (屁股搽奶油)...

      In short, you must know the art of where and how to play with fire...

      Like cooking...
      Small fire food patiently slow cook;
      Big fire food rush to overcooked/ 烂糊;
      Medium fire food cook just nice to taste and texture.

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      You really need to liaise with the S1 Manpower Branch, for goodness sake...

      If not, then the NS unit's S1 Manpower Branch for what purpose?

      HQ Battalion's/ HQ Brigade's Manpower Branch naturally will liaise directly with HQ Formation/ Division's Manpower Department to ask for vacancy for you should if you request nicely, humbly and with patience...

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    • To alleviate your family's household expenses, you can apply these.

      Financial Assistance Term Grants
      For needy NSF whose families encounter financial hardship as a result of their enlistment into the SAF

      Welfare Financial Assistance Grant/Loan
      Assistance provided to active servicemen who are in a financial predicament beyond their control eg. theft, fine, medical bills, spouse retrenchment. Assistance takes the following form:

      Grant: (a) CO Contingency Grant (b) Welfare Grant
      Loan: Welfare Loan

      For full detail, please refer to welfare circular 3-39.
      For Term Financial Assistance enquiries please call 6373 1150; 6363 1161
      For other Welfare Financial Assistance enquiries please call 6373 3338; 6373 3336

      The SAF Finance Clinic
      The Finance Clinic is set up with the aim to assist servicemen who are financially distressed. Servicemen in financial distress must come forward and they must go through the formal channel of declaration before assistance can be rendered. The SFC aims to provide debt management to distressed servicemen, so as to mitigate their situation from deterioriating into an indebtedness cycle. Credit Counselling Singapore (CCS) had been engaged to assess and structure the debt management plan. Servicemen who does not meet the CCS criteria will be referred back to SFC for other forms of help e.g. through welfare grant or loan.

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    • You can get excused. Since you have anaeima, you need to a special diet which is high in iron content. And there are special food that you cannot eat.  (http://voices.yahoo.com/foods-eat-anemia-1957498.html

      How can you stay in a camp where they provide you with unspecialised diet? Are they trying to kill you? 

      Ask the specialist for help. If not, ask to post out.

      Anyway the  average life expectancy of anaeima patient is about 42 years old !!! Enjoy your short life blah! : (

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