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Sign On: Worth? Wise? Outside No Good Job Prospect? How?

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    • Good day,

      I'm currently serving NS as a man in an Air Force GBAD (Ground Based Air Defence) unit. I'm thinking of signing on to become an Air Warfare Officer in the same unit after university. I'll be taking Mechanical Engineering in NUS, which would be very relevant for my unit as we deal with equipments a lot.

      I hope to sign on only after university because I don't want to regret when I'm studying and realise I prefer to do something else more. I didn't try for OCS and SCS during BMT because I disliked army then and found it a bore. It was only when I entered my current unit that I realise that it wasn't so regimental and started to find NS more interesting. I also don't think of signing with the MDES (at least not now) because combat seemed more interesting. Thus, I have several questions in mind that I wish to have answered, all with the assumption that I graduate with a normal degree:

      1) How long will it take to uprank to say, CPT, MAJ and then LTC after I enter unit as an AWO?
      2) Will SLTC be the maximum rank I can reach, or is COL and even BG possible (or are those reserved for MINDEF scholars)?
      3) How will my career path be affected if I sign on only after university? Will I uprank much later than others with the same qualification?
      4) How is the pay like as I progress? I know the starting pay, but what about thereafter?
      5) Will they allow me to go back to the same unit? I really want to go back to the same place.

      Or are there any advice regarding this? I could use some feedback to aid my decision in signing on in the future, or perhaps even bring it forward. It would be great if any regulars could share.

      Thanks in advance.

      p.s. I think my parents will be utterly surprised if I ever signed on lol.

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    • your comment that you really wants to go back to this unit... then i will recommend that you dont sign on... a unit how relax or how "on" is all due to the type of commanders they have at that time... so let presume after you graduate and get to ocs.. that be how long?? 4 or 5 yrs later? i really doubt the same commanders will be there...

      Next seeing you asking about promotion prospect? then you should not have the notion in staying in 1 place.. If staying in 1 place almost promise no promotion for you. why? simple.. to promote up, you need experience in different area.. you need admin, as a trainer, as a commander etc and further upgrading course in saf before you get your promotion... so staying in 1 place you wont get all these...


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