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ICT Defer: ICT Call-Up Notice <2 Months? How?

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    • Hi everyone, newbie poster here. Usually I just lurk around the forums but today I received my ICT call up through Registered post from my NS unit. I am from KINS btw. 

      I got the shock of my life when I opened it because my ICT dates are only a month away i from 24 June to 11 July (3 weeks high key) training. At first I thought that maybe Singpost screwed up on the delivery dates or something but no, the issue date printed on my ICT notice is 9th May.

      I am quite troubled as I am not sure whether my employers can release me for 3 weeks in such a short space of time. I have thought about asking for deferment but would like to know whether has anyone had such an experience before?? icon_neutral.gif

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    • Did you acknowledge the online SAF 100? Or you simply just ignored the SMS they send to you months ahead. From what I know registered post is seldom used nowadays unless the NSmen is almost uncontactable.

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    • Source: http://www.ns.sg/nsp/web/esvcs/mindef/mydefer/about

      You are now able to submit your deferment application electronically via NS Portal, and also access your submitted and historical deferment applications and their status via MyDeferment applications. This enables you to have better visibility on your deferment application via NS Portal as well as electronic notification of your deferment outcome.

      This application is already implemented. Access your MyDeferment today.

      Click HERE to access MyDeferment (Applicable for High Key, Low Key or Courses Type of Training).

      You cannot proceed with the MyDeferment application without having your Contact Details updated in eSelfUpdate.

      If you encounter any problems accessing MyDeferment, contact our 24-hour call centre at [email protected] or call 1800-3676767. Kindly include your name, contact no, your unit, your NRIC, ns.sg ID and a brief description of your problem in your email in order for us to attend to your request promptly.

    • Source: www.mindef.gov.sg/nsmen

      How will I be notified of my training?
      You are required to update your personal particulars in eSelf-Update on NS Portal (www.ns.sg). MyCall-Up (MCU) will broadcast your NS call-up notifications either through SMS or email to your provided personal details.

      Your NS call-up notifications will be broadcasted over 2 consecutive days at 2115 hours. You are required to acknowledge the call-up on NS Portal (www.ns.sg) or by calling the 6-HINSMEN (6446 7636). Failing to do so after 10 days, a hard copy SAF100 will be sent to your official address via registered mail.

      Upon receipt of the call-up, you have to inform your employer either via a printed copy or forwarding the soft copy of the eSAF100 on NS Portal (www.ns.sg) as official documentation as their reference.

      You will receive advance notification before every ICT so as to minimise disruption and inconvenience to your work schedules and also allow your employer ample time to make necessary arrangements, if needed.

      Note that if you do not attend your scheduled NS training without official leave, you will be tagged as being “Absent Without Official Leave” (AWOL) from your place of duty. Disciplinary action will be taken against you.

    • As a NSman, you may be called up for various NS activities, one of which is the In-Camp Training (ICT). Every ICT aims to strengthen you in a set of specific skill and there may be slight variations in the conduct of the ICT in different formations.

      What is the nature of ICT Notification?
      During the first 6 months after you completed full-time NS, you may be called up for NS activities not more than 4 hours.

      Thereafter, every NS work year, you may be called up to a maximum of 40 days of Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS).

      Or in the case where you are called up for more than 40 days in one work year, you are required to seek agreement with your employer for this extended service. Both you and your employer will then have to sign an undertaking to indicate acceptance of the arrangement.

      The duration of your call-up may be as follows:

          Low Key (LK) Training and Make-Up Training (MUT)
          These refer to trainings that are between 2 to 6 days and you will be notified 3 months in advance.
          High Key (HK) Training
          These trainings are usually 7 days and longer and you will be notified 6 months in advance.
          Call-Up Activities
          These activities may last 1 day or less and you will be notified 2 months in advance.

          What are the types of Call-Up?
              In-Camp Training (ICT)
              Flexi-ICT/Multiple ICT (for Air Force NSmen or doctors)
              Upgrading Courses
              Medical Reviews
              Seminar/Workplan briefing
              Make-Up Training (MUT)
              Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT)

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    • @tarutaru, Thanks for your reply. Hmm I did not receive any online SAF100 from my unit. I also have updated all my personal contact information with manpower officer since my last ICT. *Just checked my e-selfupdate on ns portal and all seems to be in order :S

      I also read that in the event you miss out on your SAF100, a registered mail of the order will be sent to your mailing address 10 days later... I think its best for me to give them a call tomorrow.

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