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Sign On: Contract Void. BUT Extend of ORD Day. Appeal? How?

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    • My son was enlisted on June 2011.Sign on regular from Dec 2011 to May 2012. Fail the course and asked to terminate contract.Ord date was extended from June to Oct 2013.Received notification from CMPB on 15 May 2013 his new ORD is April 2014.Where is the justice ?Now whole family very depressed.How can suka suka change the ORD date by just a telephone call People need to eat too.How to fight against such a big organisation,only God know.Act like a dictator just change by the click of a mouse,

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    • See your Member of Parliament (MP) to write appeal letter?


      Meet-the-People Sessions (MPS) is the name of a feedback/redress system developed in Singapore for citizens to meet their member of parliament. The MPS are usually held once a week. Many citizens see the MPS as an opportunity to resolve problems that they are having with the bureaucracy.The MP will write a petition letter to the relevant ministry, statutory board or any concerned parties to appeal on behalf of the resident. The letters are accorded a higher priority by the Civil Service as they come from elected representatives.

      Cases deal with a wide range of problems. These include, but are not limited to, family financial problems (e.g. health-cost issues, jobs, financial assistance), CPF matters, various licenses, HDB related problems (e.g. subsidized rental housing, obtaining a subsidized HDB flat), immigration issues, and appeals for school admissions and school fee subsidy.

      Most sessions last past midnight to help residents effectively due to waiting time.

      The process of meeting the MP or Ministers varies from constituency to constituency, but they follow a general pattern:

      1) Registration and take queue number

      2) Constituent meets the petition writer who pens the letter (either hand-written or via PC) on behalf of the MP

      3) Wait and queue to meet the MP

      4) Meet the MP in a separate room, constituent informs the MP of his/her problems one-to-one.

      5) MP assures the constituent that they will look into the case and send the letter. For urgent cases, the letter will be typed out, sign by the MP and hands it to the constituent immediately. For normal cases, the letter will be vetted through by the MP’s or Minister’s Personal Secretary and sent out within three working days.

    • Please email to the Towkay of Defence...

      Dr. Ng Eng Hen
      Defence Minister
      [email protected]

      Details from: www.sgdi.gov.sg

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    • 2.5 yrs NS years w/o signing on= 5 yrs regular years.(it's 1 NS year=2 year regular service)

      go calculate the amount of regular days served then divide by 2 to have the NS years equivalent, add on the period he enlisted till right before he signed on as regular.

      then minus the result from the 2 yrs and check the balance of NS service needed. Does it tally?

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    • Dont like the way they just changed my son ORD by the click of the mouse and through the phone.Such a big bully by such a Big organisation.People need to eat too, just suka suka change cause much anguish to my whole family.

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