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BMTC School Companies: Equal? Siong? Heong? Welfare? Cheong?

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    • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Every_Singaporean_Son

      Every Singaporean Son is a Singaporean documentary released in 2010. It serves as an education tool for all pre-enlistees during their Basic Military Training in Singapore. Most of the episodes were filmed at Pulau Tekong. 18 episodes were released. The first episode airs on 7 July 2010 on Youtube, subsequent episodes were released on every Tuesday, each clip lasted for 6 to 8 minutes.

      In nine weeks, 15 young men from different backgrounds came together for the rite of passage that every Singaporean son must experience, which is to survive the 9 weeks of Basic Military Training. The documentary is split into 18 episodes allowing all pre-enlistees and parents understand the life in BMT.

      In August 2011, the season branched out to another 6 part series named: Every Singaporean Son – Epilogue.

      It has been past a year since our 15 recruits endured the compulsory 9 weeks of Basic Military Training. In this season, only 6 will showcase how are they coping after their BMT and the unit life that they each is facing. The documentary is split into 6 episodes allowing all pre-enlistees and parents understand the life after BMT.


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    • Prepare for PTP/BMT: http://iprep.ns.sg/

      Secrets to Pass IPPT: http://lifestyle.www.ns.sg/features/fitnessxchange

      Source: www.ns.sg , www.army.gov.sg , www.mindef.gov.sg



      Source: http://iprep.ns.sg/

      Are you physically fit? If you have been found to be fit for full Basic Military Training (BMT) i.e. PES A or B1, you may want to take the NAPFA test.

      Should you attain a NAPFA Gold or Silver award at least 2 weeks prior to your Physical Training Phase (PTP) enlistment date, you will attend a 9-week Basic Military Training (BMT) and enjoy a 2-month reduction in your full-time National Service. Those who fail to attain the required fitness level will have to undergo a 8-week Physical Training Phase (PTP) before attending the 9-week BMT.

      The NAPFA test is conducted at the Toa Payoh Stadium (map to Toa Payoh Stadium) every Wednesday (except public holidays). You are required to book an appointment for the test via the NAPFA test booking system prior to the test date and you are only allowed to make one valid booking at any one time.

      Please note that the NAPFA result is valid for 1 year from the date of test. You are advised to report for the test in acceptable attire and punctually. All the six test items must be completed in one single sessions. A maximum of 2 to 5 minutes rest period is permitted between any two tests (for the first test items); a 15 to 30 minutes rest period is permitted before the sixth test item.

      NAPFA tests at Toa Payoh Stadium are conducted strictly on appointment only. Therefore, advance booking via NS Portal must be made latest by Tuesday before 12 noon in order to take the NAPFA test at Toa Payoh Stadium the following day.

      Do note that pre-enlistees who do not book their NAPFA date via the system would not be allowed to take their test at the Toa Payoh Stadium.

      If you wish to know more about the NAPFA test, you may want to read through the FAQ before you make your booking.



      1. Can I take the test after I failed the NAPFA test the last time?

      Yes. You are allowed to retake it until you pass. There is no limit to the number of times you can take the test.

      2. When is the last date I should take the NAPFA test?

      You should attempt the test as soon as you are ready and you are advised to take it at least 2 weeks before the date of enlistment.

      3. Can I retake only the test items I have failed in my last attempt?

      No. All 6 items must be completed in one single session.

      4. Can I amend my booking after I have booked?

      Yes, you are allowed to amend your booking before 12 pm on the day before the test date.

      5. Can I make a few booking together?

      No, you are only allowed to make 1 booking at any one time. You can make your next booking after the test date you have booked.

      FitnessXchange has all the information you need to excel in your daily exercise regimes and IPPT/NAPFA. Get tips from the training guides to boost any aspect that you may be weak in and keep your BMI in check. You can also look up the timetables of FCC and SAFRA gyms if you plan to start an exercise routine. Step up on that healthy lifestyle with FitnessXchange!


      1. http://www.ns.sg/nsp/web/esvcs/mindef/nsreg/enq-enlist-status

      2. http://iprep.ns.sg/enlistment-schedule.html

      3. http://iprep.ns.sg/notices-and-timeline.html

      4. Call 24/7 toll-free NS hotline at 1800-3676767 to speak to a customer service officer.

      You will receive notices from the Central Manpower Base (CMPB) at different times before enlistment.

      There are 2 important notices you'll receive from CMPB, these are listed below:

      Registration notice: you'll get this notice when you reach 17½ years old. It will inform you to do your NS registration.

      Enlistment notice: this notice will be sent to you about 2 months before the Date of Enlistment (DOE).



      Types of Basic Military Training

      PES A/B1 BMT
      This 9-week programme trains combat-fit recruits in the basic military skills to prepare them for advanced vocational training. The programme includes weapon training with the SAR 21 rifle which will teach recruits technical handling and marksmanship skills; a Battle Inoculation Course that simulates a real battlefield; a Field Camp which develops basic survival skills; progressive training to complete a 24-km route march which builds combat fitness and endurance; and hand grenade training.
      For those who fail to achieve the NAPFA test silver award, they are required to undergo an 8-week Physical Training Phase (PTP) prior to the PES A/B1 BMT.
      PES BP BMT
      As evidence has shown that obese recruits are able to achieve optimum fitness levels and weight loss in about 19 weeks, the new BMT programme for recruits with Body Mass Index (BMI) scores exceeding 27.0 will be 19 weeks. This BMT programme is designed to help obese recruits improve their physical fitness progressively while equipping them with basic soldiering skills and knowledge.

      PES B2 BMT
      Enlistees who were PES C1 previously underwent a 7-week BMT programme. The new 9-week PES B2 BMT programme will be conducted for recruits who are medically fit for deployment in selected combat and combat support vocations, such as signal operators, combat medics and naval system operators. These recruits will be given a new medical classification of PES B2, in place of the existing PES C1 classification. This is to ensure that the medical classification of our soldiers is consistent with their deployment. The new 9-week programme will include customised physical training, as well as basic combat training to prepare them for their combat and combat support roles.
      PES C BMT
      The 9-week BMT programme will be conducted for PES C recruits. This programme will include light physical training and vocational training to prepare them for combat service support vocations, such as service medic, and those related to logistics and administration.
      PES E BMT
      The 4-week BMT programme will be conducted for PES E recruits. This programme will focus on, vocational training as well as National Education, SAF core values, regimentation and discipline to prepare recruits for combat service support vocations.

      Post-BMT Training

      After completing their BMT, servicemen who have performed well and are assessed to possess leadership qualitites will be sent to either Officer Cadet School (OCS) or Specialist Cadet School (SCS) to be trained as commanders.

      Find out more:
      Officer Cadet School (OCS)
      Specialist Cadet School (SCS)

    • http://iprep.ns.sg/enlistment-schedule.html

      Pre-enlistees will be required to complete pre-enlistment procedures and medical screening before they are scheduled for enlistment.

      They will be scheduled for enlistment into the respective enlistment intakes based on numerous considerations such as the medical & physical fitness and educational qualifications of the individual, as well as the manpower and operational requirements of the various intakes.

      In general, pre-enlistees from the same 'A' level/International Baccalaureate (IB) or polytechnic cohort are enlisted over two intakes due to capacity constraints at the NS training schools. For example, 'A' level/ IB holders who graduate in Nov/Dec are typically enlisted in the Dec and Mar quarterly intakes. Polytechnic diploma holders who graduate in Mar/Apr are typically enlisted in the Jun and Sep quarterly intakes. ITE certificate holders and pre-enlistees with other qualifications are enlisted throughout the year.

      Pre-enlistees can only be assigned to an enlistment intake after being certified medically fit for enlistment at the pre-enlistment medical screening. Pre-enlistees will receive Enlistment Notices to notify them of their enlistment date about 2 months before their scheduled enlistment.


      Pre-enlistees who are graded PES A/B1 and who attained a NAPFA Silver or Gold award in the 12 months before their enlistment date will be enlisted for their 9-week BMT directly. Pre-enlistees with PES A/B1 but who have not attained a NAPFA Silver or Gold award in the 12 months before their enlistment date will be enlisted into an 8-week PTP prior to the commencement of their 9-week BMT.

      Enlistment schedule is updated.

      Enlistment dates are subjected to adjustment, due to operational requirements.

      If you have queries regarding your enlistment date or the enlistment schedule, please call 1800-eNSNSNS (1800-367 6767) for assistance.

    • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/5/51/Ahboystomenposter2.jpg

      You can watch the latest Jack Neo movie "Ah Boys to Men".

      @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ah_Boys_to_Men
    • http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/9/91/Army_daze_movie_poster.jpg


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    • 1983 Army Series 新兵小传 新加坡连续剧 SBC


      Huang Wenyong 黄文永,

      Jeffrey Wong 王昱清,

      Ang Puay Heng 洪培兴 



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