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PES Bp: NS is Now 24 Months Maximum? BMT Got MDC Audition?

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    • Hi, I am a NS pre-enlistee. PES Bp.

      SAF timline

      1. So overall, NS is still maximum 24 months, right?

      2. If possible, I want to be posted to SAF Music & Drama Company (MDC). I heard that if I am to voice out to the officer-in-charge of the platoon/ company, he can try to schedule me for a MDC audition during BMT to attend a casting audition for MDC, right?



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    • Is there a need for SAF for people who know sign languages, for communications with the hearing impaired?

      For example, interpreter vocation, if any?


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      Types of Basic Military Training

      PES A/B1 BMT
      This 9-week programme trains combat-fit recruits in the basic military skills to prepare them for advanced vocational training. The programme includes weapon training with the SAR 21 rifle which will teach recruits technical handling and marksmanship skills; a Battle Inoculation Course that simulates a real battlefield; a Field Camp which develops basic survival skills; progressive training to complete a 24-km route march which builds combat fitness and endurance; and hand grenade training.
      For those who fail to achieve the NAPFA test silver award, they are required to undergo an 8-week Physical Training Phase (PTP) prior to the PES A/B1 BMT.
      PES BP BMT
      As evidence has shown that obese recruits are able to achieve optimum fitness levels and weight loss in about 19 weeks, the new BMT programme for recruits with Body Mass Index (BMI) scores exceeding 27.0 will be 19 weeks. This BMT programme is designed to help obese recruits improve their physical fitness progressively while equipping them with basic soldiering skills and knowledge.

      PES B2 BMT
      Enlistees who were PES C1 previously underwent a 7-week BMT programme. The new 9-week PES B2 BMT programme will be conducted for recruits who are medically fit for deployment in selected combat and combat support vocations, such as signal operators, combat medics and naval system operators. These recruits will be given a new medical classification of PES B2, in place of the existing PES C1 classification. This is to ensure that the medical classification of our soldiers is consistent with their deployment. The new 9-week programme will include customised physical training, as well as basic combat training to prepare them for their combat and combat support roles.
      PES C BMT
      The 9-week BMT programme will be conducted for PES C recruits. This programme will include light physical training and vocational training to prepare them for combat service support vocations, such as service medic, and those related to logistics and administration.
      PES E BMT
      The 4-week BMT programme will be conducted for PES E recruits. This programme will focus on, vocational training as well as National Education, SAF core values, regimentation and discipline to prepare recruits for combat service support vocations.

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