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Service Injury in IPPT: See Camp MO? Injury Report, Claim $?

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    • What happens if im injured during annual IPPT session at bedok camp ?

      Do i get to see a MO on the day itself and receive treatment and because i dont think it was an serious injury i left the session halfway and did not see the MO, Thus can i go back to see the MO at the camp and have it assess and have treatment done because i dont want to go to CGH and resulting in paying medical fees out of my own pocket.

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    • What if I sustain an injury due to Service?

      MINDEF will continue to bear the responsibility if you sustain an injury whilst attempting your non-ICT IPPT beyond your 3rd attempt. Be sure to pre-book your training programme and register before each training session starts. This is to ensure that your training records can be verified when filing for compensation claims.

    • (A)    Medical Treatment

      You may seek medical attention to any SAF medical centre during your ICT. The medical officer may refer you to a restructured hospital for further treatment if the facilities or recourses are unavailable at the medical centre; or if there is a need for follow-up after your ICT. Note that MINDEF will only subsidise medical expenses incurred by you that fall within the prevailing guidelines.

      (B)    Dental Treatment

      You may only seek urgent dental treatment at SAF Dental Centres for emergency dental conditions that arise during your ICT. (E.g. acute toothache, acute gum swelling, etc.)

      (C)    Medical Review – New/Existing Medical Conditions

      It is crucial that you update your NS HRCs if you develop a new medical condition or if an existing medical condition has worsened, which may affect your ICT performance. This is so that arrangements will be made for you to attend a medical review at the SAF medical centre to assess your fitness condition for NS.

      You MUST bring along all your investigation results and memorandums from your external physician or specialist during your medical review. You may be given a medical certificate for ICT deferment, be scheduled for a medical board to downgrade you if your medical condition is significant, or be referred to a restructured hospital for further examination depending on the outcome of your medical review.

      If your medical condition is deemed suited for ICT participation by the medical officer, you will then be allowed to attend ICT.

    • (A)    Service Injuries

      If you sustained an injury during your NS training, it may be considered as attributable to service only when service is the cause of injury. If you sustained an injury during ICT, you are required to report immediately to your unit’s Medical Officer and unit S1. This is so that your unit can arrange to attend to your injury, and document your injury sustained in your medical docket.

      Before MINDEF determines that an injury is attributable to service, you are responsible for bearing all medical expenses. Treatment for your injury must be sought at government or restructured hospitals at your eligible ward and referred to by a government or SAF Medical Officer.

      In the case of permanent disablement due to service injury, a medical board will be convened. Eligibility for disability compensation will be based on the degree of residual permanent disability as endorsed by the SAF Medical Board.

      If your service injury requires continuous medical or hospitalisation leave beyond your ICT period, you are eligible for a stepped-down compensation as a form of ex-gratia payment. Compensation will be based on your civilian pay or an equivalent regular serviceman’s pay (whichever is higher) if you do not receive any income from your employers. This ex-gratia payment is compensation for your loss of income during this period. Payment will cease when you are no longer on medical/hospitalisation leave or when disability compensation is paid, whichever is earlier.

      (B)    Non-Service Injuries

      i.    Satisfactory Completion of NS Training
      If you are given medical leave for non-service injuries but are able to complete your NS training satisfactorily, your medical leave will be considered as part of NS training. You will be eligible for service pay and MUP for the completed NS training duration, inclusive of all periods of medical leave.

      ii.    Disruption from NS Training
      If you are given medical leave for non-service injuries and your unit has disrupted you from NS training, you are eligible for service pay and MUP till the end of your medical leave or original NS training, whichever is earlier. The payment of service pay and MUP from the date of disruption is made on an ex-gratia basis and is restricted to the first medical certificate you submit.

      iii.    Deferment from NS Training
      If you report sick on the first day of NS training and are granted deferment on the same day, you will not be eligible for service pay and MUP for any period of medical leave. You will, however, be eligible for service pay and MUP for the time spent at the unit to seek consultation with your unit’s Medical Officer or to get your medical certificate endorsed.

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    • Service Injuries

      When an NSman sustains an injury due to an authorised activity sanctioned by the Unit Commanding Officer during his In-Camp Training (ICT), he is required to report the incident immediately to his Unit S1/Manpower Officer and Unit Medical Officer (MO), so that his unit can assist him in the filing of his injury report and to provide him with the required treatment for his injury.

      NSman is to provide the following, should he wish to submit his bills incurred for the treatment of his service injury:

      • Original tax invoice/receipt
      • Certification from hospital/doctor that the bill incurred is for the treatment of his service injury
      • Statement from CPF Board for amounts deducted from Medisave account (if any)
      • Statement from insurance company on the amount deducted from policy plan for the treatment of his service injury (if any)

      Service Injury (SI) Card

      Upon the approval of his injury as attributable to service, the NSman may be issued with an SI card, if it is certified by his attending doctor that he would require long-term medical treatment for his service injury. This SI card will provide him with fully subsidised medical benefits at government/restructured hospitals and polyclinics at his eligible ward for as long as he requires it.

      Medical Reimbursement

      If NSman has incurred medical fees at government/restructured hospitals and polyclinics for the treatment of his service injury prior to the approval, he is to retain all original receipts, certification from the doctor that the treatment is for his service injury and other supporting documents to his payment of medical fees. He may submit these documents to MINDEF/SAF Human Resource Shared Services Centre (HRSSC) upon the approval of his service injury for medical reimbursement. Do note that only medical fees incurred at government/restructured hospitals and polyclinics are reimbursable by MINDEF and he is to seek referral from doctors at polyclinic, hospital's A&E or his Unit MO for treatments at government/restructured hospitals.

      Ex-gratia Payment

      If the NSman remains on continuous medical leave upon his ICT due to his service injury, he may be eligible for ex-gratia payment if it is certified by his employer that he is not receiving any salary for the period of his medical leave for his service injury. He is to provide a letter from his employer to inform MINDEF of this and the amount that is to be reimbursed, together with supporting documents.

      This ex-gratia payment, which is meant to compensate NSman's loss of income during the period of medical leave, will be paid in a stepdown approach based on his civilian pay or an equivalent pay of a regular serviceman, whichever higher. The ex-gratia payment will cease upon the termination of his medical leave or the award of his disability compensation, whichever earlier.

      Lump Sum Disability Compensation

      If it is certified by his attending Specialist that his service injury has stabilised, the NSman is to inform his unit to request for him to be reviewed by his Unit MO. He will be required to complete an authorisation form to allow MINDEF to obtain a Disability Assessment Report (DAR) from his attending Specialist on his service injury. The hospital will take about 3 to 4 months to revert with the DAR. Upon the receipt of the DAR with no further query, he will be scheduled to attend a PD Board by Military Medicine Institute (MMI) for the endorsement of the PD that has been assessed by his attending Specialist for him to have suffered as a result of his service injury. Upon the endorsement and approval of his PD Board Outcome, MINDEF/SAF HRSC will then be able to process his disability compensation. He will be informed of the award of his lump sum disability compensation subsequently.

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