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RSAF Pilot: Sign On = Must Still Have 12-Year Contract Bond?

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    • do you think all Singaporeans who can become pilots, have became pilots? pilots are hard to be qualified but given a popultion of 5 million, we only have a handful of pilots. i also know some comercial pilots who are not SAF pilots. does that mean some commercial pilots cant even qualify to fly a super puma? 

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    • Your question quite vague. You referring to RSAF pilots or commercial pilots? And Super Puma is a Heli, which I don't think the commercial pilots need to know how to fly it. Heli and planes have different controls and concepts in terms of flying. They may roughly know how to fly it but not as well as a Heli Pilot.

    • And since this is the only post on sgforums with close regards to RSAF Pilots. Can I ask if it is true that someone ORD-ed as a man (LCP/CPL/CFC) is unable to sign on as any vocation in the RSAF as a Pilot because he did not go through SCS/OCS?

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    • RSAF Pilot: Sign On = Must Still Have 12-Year Contract Bond?

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    • Commercial pilot doesnt mean that they cant qualify to fly the super puma. Its just that they took another path to becoming a pilot.. Who know if they took the saf path to pilot, they might be the best pilot?

      And yes, the 12yrs bond is still a must.

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    • 庾澄庆 - 报告班长

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      • 连上兄弟晚安,班长晚安.
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    • Hi, i apologize if i posted this in the wrong topic. I've applied for pilot and i'm due for CMPB medical soon. However recently i've some digestation problem accompanied by nausea, so i went to the hospital for some test and they suspected that i've gallstones. I may need to remove my gallbladder if the stones are confirmed. I understand that there is no definite answer to this, but do u guys think that will deter me from flying? Thanks!

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