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CMPB Medical Check-up: NS Pre-Enlistee. Check What? Why?How?

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    • During your online pre-enlistment documentation, you will be prompted to book a medical screening appointment. The screening will determine your medical fitness, which impacts the type of basic training and vocations you can be assigned to. A psychometric test will also be conducted on the same day. You can only book, amend or cancel your first medical screening during the National Service registration online exercise. Note that you can only change your appointment date once during this period. If you are unable to change your appointment, please contact us.

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    • Refer: https://www.cmpb.gov.sg/before-ns/pre-enlistment-process/medical-screening-and-psychometric-test/what-to-bring-for-medical-screening/

      On the day of your medical screening, you will be asked to:

      1. Take your photo at the Photo Studio; and
      2. Complete the e-fitting process for us to obtain your body measurements. This is so that you can be issued with the uniform, boots, apparels and other National Service (NS) equipment of the right size for your NS training on your enlistment day.

      Please observe and follow the instructions in the following checklist on the day of your medical screening. Do note that failure to observe these instructions may require you to come back on multiple occasions to complete your medical screening, resulting in delays to your screening process and possibly your enlistment. We will not make any exceptions to our requirements and you will be asked to come back again should you come unprepared or without the right documents.

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    • You will be required to sit for a computer-based psychometric test on the same day you attend your medical screening. This test is conducted at the Vocational Assessment Centre (VAC) in CMPB and usually takes about 1.5 hours to complete.

      The psychometric test scores are used to place servicemen in vocations or appointments where their abilities can be best used to maximise our limited manpower. Your test scores will be used as one of the factors in decisions subsequently, including assignment to a vocation and selection for leadership courses. You should put in as much effort as possible to do the tests well and accurately.

      What the tests are like

      The psychometric test is designed to measure aptitude in a range of domains such as reasoning, technical and mental-spatial abilities. It is delivered on a computerised adaptive testing system, which means that the test adapts to your ability level. The computer software selects questions that are suitable for you based on your responses to earlier questions. You will not be able to review or change your answers once you have submitted an answer to a question.

      You can download the file if you want to attempt some of our sample test questions.

      Sample test questions (PDF 286KB)

      • DON'T worry too much.
        All we require is that you do your best. Each test has instructions to guide you on what to do.
      • DO ask for help.
        If you have problems understanding any of the tests or the instructions during testing, there will be staff on-site to help you.
      • DO rest well the night before.
        Come for the test with a fresh mind.
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    • There are six stations in the medical screening process and they will take about 2.5 hours to complete. Should there be any abnormalities detected as you go through the respective stations, you may be asked to go for a further medical review.

      You will be medically graded in accordance with the Singapore Armed Forces Medical Classification Guidelines and assigned a Physical Employment Status (PES). Your PES is one of the considerations to determine your deployment during your full-time National Service. You will be able to check your definitive PES on the NS Portal if you are not required to attend any further medical review in a month’s time.

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      Types of Basic Military Training

      PES A/B1 BMT
      This 9-week programme trains combat-fit recruits in the basic military skills to prepare them for advanced vocational training. The programme includes weapon training with the SAR 21 rifle which will teach recruits technical handling and marksmanship skills; a Battle Inoculation Course that simulates a real battlefield; a Field Camp which develops basic survival skills; progressive training to complete a 24-km route march which builds combat fitness and endurance; and hand grenade training.
      For those who fail to achieve the NAPFA test silver award, they are required to undergo an 8-week Physical Training Phase (PTP) prior to the PES A/B1 BMT.
      PES BP BMT
      As evidence has shown that obese recruits are able to achieve optimum fitness levels and weight loss in about 19 weeks, the new BMT programme for recruits with Body Mass Index (BMI) scores exceeding 27.0 will be 19 weeks. This BMT programme is designed to help obese recruits improve their physical fitness progressively while equipping them with basic soldiering skills and knowledge.

      PES B2 BMT
      Enlistees who were PES C1 previously underwent a 7-week BMT programme. The new 9-week PES B2 BMT programme will be conducted for recruits who are medically fit for deployment in selected combat and combat support vocations, such as signal operators, combat medics and naval system operators. These recruits will be given a new medical classification of PES B2, in place of the existing PES C1 classification. This is to ensure that the medical classification of our soldiers is consistent with their deployment. The new 9-week programme will include customised physical training, as well as basic combat training to prepare them for their combat and combat support roles.
      PES C BMT
      The 9-week BMT programme will be conducted for PES C recruits. This programme will include light physical training and vocational training to prepare them for combat service support vocations, such as service medic, and those related to logistics and administration.
      PES E BMT
      The 4-week BMT programme will be conducted for PES E recruits. This programme will focus on, vocational training as well as National Education, SAF core values, regimentation and discipline to prepare recruits for combat service support vocations.

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    • Medical Classification Centre

      Location and Operating Hours

      Our Address

      MCC is located at Level 1, CMPB Podium.

      Central Manpower Base (CMPB)
      3 Depot Road
      Singapore 109680

      Our Operating Hours

      Mondays - Fridays: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

      Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays: Closed

      Pre-enlistment Medical Screening

      Prior to enlistment, all pre-enlistees have to undergo a thorough medical examination at the Medical Classification Centre (MCC) within the Central Manpower Base (CMPB). This examination allows the medical fitness of a pre-enlistee to be assessed and this subsequently determines his Physical Employment Status (PES).

      Medical Screening Appointment Preparations

      As part of the e-documentation, you are also required to select your preferred medical appointment date as well as to complete the medical questionnaire (e7F). You will need to go through the medical questionnaire form with your parents / guardian so that useful medical information about you is captured.

      To ensure that your medical experience with us is pleasant and that the overall screening process is not unnecessarily delayed, we have compiled a checklist for you:

      1. Print out a copy of the medical questionnaire (e7F) and ensure that your parent / guardian and you sign on the printed document. Bring the e7F on the day of your medical appointment at MCC.


      1. Avoid wearing contact lenses. Wear your spectacles as you will be required to undergo eye checks.


      1. Wear loose fitting clothes (e.g. shorts) to facilitate physical examination.


      1. Bring along any medical documents to support your existing medical condition (if any).


      1. Health Booklet (if any).

      Clinical Examinations

      The medical screening process takes on average 150 minutes to complete and there is a series of test that you will have to undertake.

      Registration Station

      At MCC Registration Counter, you will be required to submit your e7F. As a form of verification, you will be asked for your NRIC or any form of photo identification (e.g. driving license, school pass.)

      Clinical Laboratory Station

      At the Clinical Laboratory Station blood samples are drawn for G6PD, haemoglobin and blood group typing tests. Simple urine tests to detect the presence of blood, protein and glucose (sugar) will also be carried out for you at the Station.

      Dental Station

      At the Dental Station, the Dental Officer will carry out an oral examination and Dental Charting. A Dental X-ray or Orthopantomography (OPG) will also be conducted.

      X- ray Station

      A Chest x-ray (CXR) screening will also be conducted for you at the X-ray Station for the radiological assessment of your heart and lungs.

      Eye Station

      At the Eye Station routine eye tests are carried out to detect eye abnormalities and test your visual and refractive error.

      ENT (Ear, Nose & Throat) Station

      At ENT Station an audio test or audiogram will be conducted to detect hearing abnormalities.

      Station 6 (Clinical Examination Station)

      Station 6 is the Clinical Examination Station, you will undergo height, weight and blood pressure measurements. An electrocardiogram (ECG) will also be done for you in the ECG Room.

      After completion of all the clinical investigations and measurements, you will then be examined and evaluated by a Medical officer.

      Station 6 Counter (Post Clinical Screening)

      Once you have completed the above series of medical screening, you will be medically classified with a PES grading.

      Station 6 Counter will also issue instructions for the pre-enlistee if the pre-enlistee is to return to MCC for any further medical investigations.

      Other Services

      MCC Eye Clinic

      The Specialist Eye Clinic at MCC provides medical assessment for eye conditions. An appointment will be made for you during the screening procedure should it be deemed necessary. Please bring all documents regarding any known eye condition for your appointment.

      MCC ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) Clinic)

      The Specialist ENT Clinic provides pre-enlistment assessment for ENT complaints. You will be informed if there is a need for you to attend this clinic.

      MCC Specialist Psychiatric Clinic

      The Specialist Psychiatric Clinic at MCC aims to assess the suitability of a pre-enlistee with regard to psychiatric conditions already known or discovered during the screening process. It is essential to have one parent accompany you should an appointment be made for you and it would greatly shorten the delay to enlistment if you bring all your pre-existing psychiatric medical records for your appointment.

      MCC Specialist Orthopedic Clinic

      The specialist orthopedic clinic has the purpose of grading a pre-enlistee with regard to any orthopedic problems. A medical officer will be in attendance together with a senior doctor from one of the restructured hospitals. Here we will grade you based on your orthopedic problems. Please bring all medical reports and X-ray films for this visit.

      Medical Review

      A pre-enlistee with any abnormalities noted during the medical screening will be required to undergo medical review. This can take several forms as appropriately decided by the Medical Officer.

      Referral to SAF Military Medicine Institute (MMI) / Government / Restructured Hospitals

      The pre-enlistee may be referred to SAF MMI, government / restructured hospitals for further investigations. If the referral is required, he will be given a set of documents to bring along as well as information regarding the date, time and venue.

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