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ORD: Reservist NSman Guidebook / One-Stop Service Centre

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      Reservist Call-Up  (eSAF 100)

      (Fm: MINDEF) You have a National Service Call-Up Notification. For more details, go to www.ns.sg or call 6446 7636. For assistance, call 1800-eNSNSNS (3676767).

      Ops Mob Manning
      To listen to the message via IVRS, please call 6242 5242


      Pioneer Magazine Cancellation
      Reservists: Call 6373 1114 or [email protected]
      NSF: Find Unit Clerk / Chief Clerk

      Just provide Name, NRIC No. & a Simple Reason for Cancellation.


      An electronic handbook designed to educate NSF on his responsibilities before transiting to Operationally Ready National Serviceman (ORNSman).

      This handbook comprises the following information:

      1. Your roles, responsibilities and benefits of an NSman
      2. Key administrative and transitional guide for an NSman

      As a trial, Army will be embarking on this platform to streamline NSF ORD administrative procedures. NSFs in Army Service are to read and acknowledge the followings:-

      1. ORD Admin Instructions
      2. Note on Management of Service Injury Claims
      3. SAF Act - Section 50
      4. Certificate of Leaving Form

      Click here to access MyORD.



      The SAF Good Service Medal

      For NSmen
      - 2 years of full time service served as NSF and 3 HK ICT served as NSmen.
      (Using 1 HK ICT as equivalent to 1 year of active service.)

      * NSF who did not fulfill 2 years of full time service due to the waiver given for passing NAPFA, they would be deemed to have fulfilled 2 years of full-time NSF.


      SAF National Service Medal

      For NSmen
      - Service served as NSmen/ ROVERs only.
      - To fulfil 90% of the NSTS (6 HK ICTs & 3 LK ICTs)

      *This is a revised requirement that approximates the qualifying criteria for MINDEF Reserve (ie. 7 HK within a 10-ICT NSTS; and 8HK within a 13-ICT NSTS for KAHs).






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