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Army Battalion Regimental Sergeant Major Course

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    • The Army Battalion Regimental Sergeant Major Course (ABRSM) is conceived with the intention of cultivating fundamental skills,imparting knowledge and sharpening the attributes of selected Warrant Officers to function effectively as Battalion Sergeant Majors with utmost confidence and conviction.

      This five-week course is designed to fulfill the following objectives in mind:

      • A channel to develop the proficiency and competency of active Regimental Sergeant Majors (RSMs) in the Organisation in the areas of management and the efficient conduct of Formation-level Parades, functions and assorted ceremonies.
      • Fortifying the knowledge base and capabilities of the RSM with particular emphasis on the conduct of Operations and Training, in tandem with the roles and functions envisaged and expected of RSMs.
      • Developing and honing effective leadership and management skills to lead, inspire and manage Specialists and Enlistees regardless of vocation, to attain a more cohesive intra-WOSpec relationship.
      • Imparting pertinent and relevant knowledge pertaining to Manpower-related matters, Security, Operations, Training and Logistics for the RSM to effectively discharge his duties.
      • Developing professional bonds and contacts amongst the RSMs across the Army so as to enhance the Army's operational image.

      The Army Battalion RSM Course is a premier course specifically programmed to prepare all potential Battalion RSMs, only candidates earmarked to assume the RSM appointment are recommended for attendance. As this Course is to be conducted after attendance of the JWOC, the minimum rank of all candidates is pegged at 2WO, with the exception of NSmen.



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