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[ORD] NSman Reservist: National Servicemen of the Year Award

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    • National Servicemen (NSmen) play a vital role in the defence of Singapore as they form the bulk of the nation's fighting force. As a small nation, Singapore cannot afford to take security for granted. Singapore needs the commitment and support from NSmen to achieve Total Defence and to maintain a strong Singapore Armed Forces. The Ministry of Defence recognises this and rewards NSmen who have demonstrated outstanding performance. 

      Since 1994, two categories of awards for outstanding NSmen are presented annually. These are the "SAF National Serviceman of the Year" and the "Formation National Servicemen of the Year" Awards.

      These awards are presented to NSmen who have demonstrated excellent performance and consistently set exemplary standards in training, discipline and attitude towards National Service. Some of the contributions made by these NSmen include the willingness to extend their services to the SAF beyond their National Service liability; the extra efforts put in by the NS Commanders to increase their own military proficiency and that of the men under their command. These NSmen have also actively participated in projects and activities to improve the training, administration and welfare of their units. 

      "SAF National Servicemen of the Year" Award

      These award winners were selected from nominations received from the Army, Navy and Air Force. They will receive their awards from the Defence Minister at the Total Defence Awards Presentation Ceremony.


      "Formation National Servicemen of the Year" Award

      The awards and commendations are presented annually to outstanding NSmen by their respective formations. Winners of this Award are identified by their formations. The number of awards and commendations presented by each formation will depend on the manpower strength of the formation. Each formation can present a maximum of three Awards and seven Commendations annually, exclusively for the NSmen Officers, Warrant Officers, Specialists and Enlistees at the formation-level presentation ceremonies.


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