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SG Males born in Jan-Mar 2000 to register for NS

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    • ROVERS / NS Volunteer

      What are the ROVERS and NS Volunteer schemes?

      Upon the completion of your Operationally Ready National Service (ORNS) training cycle, you will be phased into the MINDEF Reserve (MR). If you are interested in continuing your service in this phase, you can volunteer for the Reservist on Voluntary Extended Reserve Service (ROVERS) scheme. It was introduced to allow NSmen to continue serving until they reach their statutory age – 50 years old for Officers and 40 years old for WOSEs. You can also apply to serve past your statutory age through the NS Volunteer scheme.


      Am I eligible for these schemes?

      To qualify for the ROVERS or NS Volunteer scheme, you must be in your MR phase or passed your statutory age respectively. Eligibility for either scheme will depend on whether there is an operational requirement for your role, and if you meet its required performance and medical standards.


      What are the key features of the ROVERS and NS Volunteer schemes?

      You will typically serve a term of 1 to 3 years, which may be extended based on your unit’s operational and manpower needs.

      In addition, NS Volunteers are permitted to serve until the Compulsory Retirement Age of 50 years for Master Sergeants and below, 55 years for Warrant Officers to Majors, and 60 years for Lieutenant Colonels and above.


      Service Scheme Obligations

      As part of either the ROVERS or NS Volunteer scheme, you:

      • Will be called up for In-Camp Training (ICT) like other NSmen
      • Will be eligible for additional allowances based on your appointment
      • Can volunteer to take your Individual Physical Proficiency Test (IPPT) – you can also earn incentive awards if your IPPT score meets the requirements of the different award types

      Note: If you are on the ROVERS scheme, you are required to take your IPPT if you hold a command appointment, e.g. CO, RSM, etc.


      Tax Relief Entitlement

      You will be entitled to annual tax relief of $1,500 while on either scheme. While on the ROVERS scheme, you will also receive an additional $1,500 if you performed ORNS activities in the previous work-year.

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