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SGSecure "Be Prepared. Our Response Matters"

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    • “Download or get charged” – NSFs forced to download SGSecure App give it scathing 1-star reviews


      The aggrieved national servicemen expressed their displeasure on the app’s review page

      The SGSecure mobile application has drawn flak from men serving their National Service after they were reportedly forced to download the app for face punitive action.

      A flurry of NS men left the app 1-star reviews in response, after allegedly being threatened that they will be charged, will have to do extra duty or that their IC won’t be returned to them after they end their 2-year service.

      Launched in September 2016, the SGSecure app aims to prepare the public to deal with possible terror attacks. It allows users make direct emergency calls, report emergencies and receive emergency alerts.



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    • Please call the 24/7 NS hotline at 1800-3676767 to speak to a customer service officer.

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    • SGSecure sports new tagline, reflecting focus on raising preparedness towards security threats

      The focus of the SGSecure movement will move from raising public awareness on the possibility of terror attacks in Singapore to raising preparedness levels among Singaporeans towards such events.

      Reflecting the change in focus, the campaign now sports a new tagline: "Be Prepared. Our Response Matters". The old tagline was "Not If, But When. Our Response Matters".

      Announcing the new tagline on the sidelines of the Ministry of Home Affair's Minister's Award Presentation Ceremony on Wednesday (Sept 27), Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam said the campaign has achieved some success but more work needs to be done as "a lot of people are not mentally tuned to preparedness".

      He cited how the SGSecure app has been downloaded about one million times since its launch in September last year with the aim to sensitise, train and mobilise the community to security threats.

      But he also pointed to the series of attacks this year in London and Barcelona, and also the recent emergence of extremist groups in Southeast Asia, particularly in the Philippines' Marawi region and Myanmar's Rakhine state.

      "It is going to attract fighters, extremists and would-be fighters to go to these places to fight. And once they come to this region, they are going to try and spread out to other targets too. It is not a pretty picture, and we're going to keep pushing on.

      "We still have some ways to go, awareness is one thing, preparedness is another," said the minister, adding how the government is making a big push this year to raise preparedness at workplaces and in schools.

      At the awards ceremony, more than 400 Home Team officers - including representatives involved in some of Singapore's largest and most complex operations - were recognised for their work in ensuring Singapore's safety and security.

      One recipient of the Home Team Achievement Award was Singapore Police Force's (SPF) Superintendent Alan Wong, 45.

      Mr Wong, assistant director of Operations Exercise and Readiness Division, was part of the team that led an islandwide counter-terrorism exercise held in October last year. It was the largest SPF-led, multi-agency exercise ever held in Singapore.

      The exercise involved over 3,200 personnel from the various Home Team agencies and over 50 community volunteers. The exercise, which aimed to prepare Singapore for possible terror attacks, was held in two phases on Oct 17 and Oct 18 last year.

      The first phase educated the participants on the necessary deterrence measures. The second phase involved training officers and volunteers in how to respond should an attack occur.

      The participants role-played various scenarios and were tested on their response to different attacks. The course trains participants in responding to the varied forms of attack, including knives, vehicular attacks, guns and suicide bombers.

      Mr Wong said such exercises are crucial to enhancing operational awareness.

      "It is all about muscle memory, it is better to make mistakes now and learn from them than to be unable to react properly in the event of an attack," he said.



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