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NS Warrant Officer Course for NSmen Reservists/ WOSpec/ WOSE

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    • The National Service Warrant Officer Course (NSWOC) is designed to provide a general military education for all potential Army NS Warrant Officers to function as effective middle-managers imbibed with the appropriate level of military knowledge, military leadership and relevant administrative skills. The 2 week course conducted in SAFWOS equip students with the necessary attributes for a successful appointment as a National Service Warrant Officer.

      The objectives of the course will be attained through three main modules that would correspond with the duties that are expected of a National Service Warrant Officer.

      • Professional Awareness: Content under this module address broader professional issues that shape/impact the SAF and the Army in particular. It has the following objectives:

      • To update and acquaint students with the Structure, Organisation and Operational Functions of a Combined Arms Division and the Army in general with an understanding of the doctrine of military operations likely to be undertaken by the Army .This will include concepts of Un-conventional Warfare and its impact on the military forces.

      • To build an understanding of Army Battle Procedures and Operational Readiness with a keen eye with regards to the NS unit's In-Camp training and operations.

      • To familiarize oneself with technological developments which have an impact on Singapore’s survival and security and the shape of SAF operational doctrines and capabilities.

      • Leadership and Core Values: This module reinforce the fundamental philosophies of military leadership and expand on role of the SAF Core Values in building forces imbued with the ‘will to fight’. The roles and functions of Warrant Officers as ‘middle-managers’ will also be explored through fruitful dialogue and discussion.

      • NS Administration and Policies: This module provide updates on key policies and administration matters impacting NS and expand the knowledge base of potential Warrant Officers in areas they are likely to be involved in during In-Camp Training.

      Graduates will be on a fast track in becoming an NS Warrant Officer. Potential candidates for this course must have a minimum rank of SSG (NS) and must have completed at least 4 High Key In-Camp Training. 

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