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Sons of Singapore: Basic Military Training (BMT) @ Tekong

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      From enlistment day to the passing out parade, the latest video project spearheaded by the Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) promises to document all the action that goes down in a Basic Military Training (BMT) section.

      For nine weeks, 15 young men from different backgrounds came together for the rite of passage that every Singaporean son must experience - BMT. And now you can follow their journey of self-discovery on the Web!

      Said Mr Donald Chew, Head of Defence Information Television, on the series titled Every Singaporean Son: "We hope to get people to understand more about BMT. For the pre-enlistees, they are entering a new phase of their lives. Hopefully, through this series, they can get a better understanding of what's to come so they can prepare themselves mentally and physically.

      "And for their parents, hope to allay their concerns and assure them that their sons are well taken care of in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) during their National Service."

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