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NSF, NS-Men, Regulars, or Pre-enlist? Come to our forum and get to know more info or even share with us your pass experiences.
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Lock SAF Counsellor Can't Handle Me: Referral (Upgrade) Me to IMH Computers70mmmm 4 5,070 20 May `13, 10:46PM by eac view
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Lock >75% Discount Off Offer to NSmen in 2013 SAFRA Bay Run/ AHM! eac 3 3,690 16 May `13, 10:44PM by eac view
Lock BMT: Went NDU VA, BUT Go Tekong. How? Appeal? Call 65676767? pickandmix93 6 5,890 16 May `13, 10:55AM by NDU view
Lock ICT Defer: ICT Call-Up Notice <2 Months? How? James19384 6 16,160 15 May `13, 11:33PM by James19384 view
Lock Sign On: Worth? Wise? Outside No Good Job Prospect? How? nahnahna 4 3,650 15 May `13, 9:57AM by "newbie" view
Lock NS Defer: Private School Post-Secondary Study. Cut-Off Age? Daren88 3 3,890 14 May `13, 1:33PM by Daren88 view
Lock NS Shift Work Hours System: Work a 24-Hrs Day, Off a Day? Fireandflame 2 2,760 14 May `13, 11:38AM by Rednano view
Lock Dual Citizenship Dilemma of a SG-US man: Renounce/ NS Matter Kpsimmer 13 5,970 11 May `13, 11:40PM by eac view
Lock Torn Anterior Talo-Fibular Ligament (ATFL): What PES? B/C/E? MariusMizushima 2 2,480 09 May `13, 12:01AM by eac view
Lock Cancel SAF Pioneer Magazine Subscription: Call 6373 1114 Now MariusMizushima 2 4,200 08 May `13, 11:51PM by eac view
Lock Feedback/Suggest/ Recommendation: Committee to Strengthen NS eac 0 3,330 08 May `13, 4:03PM by eac view
Lock OOC from BMT: PES E Now. REC Rank. No Pass BMT = No Promote? leganda 3 4,710 07 May `13, 8:13AM by Bamboo Ocean Army21 view
Lock BMT: Tekong. Bring Branded Camera Phone. Lost? Steal? How? Alphapunk2 10 11,380 06 May `13, 11:45PM by SBS494J view
Lock SCS Crossover to OCS: How to Be Top 1% Cream of Crop? How? NG QIBO AARON AUBREY 0 4,060 05 May `13, 3:47PM by NG QIBO AARON AUBREY view
Lock If Can't Book [email protected],How? Call 1800-3676767 Talk to CSO? Rock_Sugar 3 4,320 04 May `13, 5:11PM by Rock_Sugar view
Lock Suicide Thoughts: ASAP Call SOS Hotline @ 1800-221 4444 Now? Computers70mmmm 9 5,980 04 May `13, 4:43PM by Kris 1234 view
Lock NS Adjust Disorder + Depression: Call 24/7 SOS Help Hotline? last AoDxD 30 17,360 04 May `13, 1:47PM by Rednano view
Lock Sign On RSAF: Pilot/WSO. Passed Tests. Can I Make It to OCS? hellamatrix 4 3,590 03 May `13, 9:38PM by wonderamazement view
Lock Once in Our Life, Two Years of Our Time eac 0 2,960 03 May `13, 12:52PM by eac view
Lock NS Defer/ Disrupt: Tertiary Further Studies. Appeal? How? Xiaomalu 11 11,590 02 May `13, 12:38PM by Rednano view
Lock Let's Keep More Coming: Thank you for feedback on NS @Mindef eac 0 2,760 02 May `13, 8:26AM by eac view
Lock Guards Unit: GCC, Stress. Call 24/7 SOS/ NS Counsel Hotline? Okazaki 15 5,480 29 Apr `13, 1:32PM by BEARZAIS view
Lock National Service Registration starts from April 30 FireIce 0 2,690 26 Apr `13, 11:50AM by FireIce view
Lock Sign On: How Does a Non-Citizen Join the SAF Military Force? Seth Ho 5 11,500 25 Apr `13, 10:25PM by NG QIBO AARON AUBREY view
Lock ORD: Wear Rickshaw Puller/Hawker Style Ba Long Long Go Camp? Kirin_Rider 4 5,490 25 Apr `13, 7:50PM by Kirin_Rider view
Lock NS Defer: Post-Secondary Further Studies. How? dark_sunz 6 7,200 24 Apr `13, 7:57PM by eac view
Lock Service Injury: Filed Report Claim $.Down PES.When Post Out? pixmaip3000 3 3,350 24 Apr `13, 2:54PM by eac view