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Singapore Armed Forces

NSF, NS-Men, Regulars, or Pre-enlist? Come to our forum and get to know more info or even share with us your pass experiences.
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Lock Repair Clothes Zipper: Where? HDB Shop @ Tailor/ Seamstress? im_chloe 4 5,730 17 Apr `13, 10:36PM by eac view
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Lock Supply Assistant = Storeman? Logistics Branch? Do What? How? Acebabys 11 18,150 16 Apr `13, 6:25PM by Acebabys view
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Lock NS45 Vouchers + SAFRA Member Card: Gotta Catch Them All Now! xLostlost 0 3,410 13 Apr `13, 2:44AM by xLostlost view
Lock NS45 Notice: Opt Out of SAFRA Auto-Renew to Avoid Incur Fee eac 2 7,180 10 Apr `13, 2:14PM by eac view
Lock NS Pay: 10th Monthly. What Time Bank In?12am?Bank Open Time? Llxiaoyingll 3 10,160 10 Apr `13, 12:52PM by Rednano view
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