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Lock IPPT/ IPT/ RT: Default >3x =Court Martial =DB? Life Hardship Redmen 22 21,000 27 Sep `12, 12:40PM by Redmen view
Lock BMT Select Interview: NS Police Inspector (NSPI). Tell PC? MariusMizushima 5 5,060 27 Sep `12, 12:16PM by AhBoyzx view
Lock Sign On: Is What's On TV Ads = Real? Can Deploy Abroad? How? Mr_TYS 12 4,270 27 Sep `12, 12:05PM by AhBoyzx view
Lock Now All PES A/B/C/E Do 10 Years Reservist ICT Cycle? How? Synysterys 3 11,000 27 Sep `12, 1:57AM by Rednano view
Lock Medical Review: Medial Tibial Stress Syndrome (Shin Splints) LongJohns9 9 4,550 25 Sep `12, 1:09AM by eac view
Lock ORD: NS Reservist Unit ISTAR. Do What? Joshualow387 3 3,760 24 Sep `12, 7:07PM by eac view
Lock Military Police Command (宪兵司令部) MemberABC 3 3,440 24 Sep `12, 10:47AM by "newbie" view
Lock Sign On: SAF Short Term Contract EMBZ 2 4,690 23 Sep `12, 10:41AM by eac view
Lock Service Injury: SAF $ Compensation for Permanent Disability Pathfinder07 4 3,640 18 Sep `12, 10:45PM by eac view
Lock Justice: Seek Redress for Alleged Assault/ Camp Abuse? How? Squiggly Line 15 4,810 18 Sep `12, 7:46PM by Army 21 view
Lock Personal Equipment: Alter at Tailor? Exchange? Buy New Ones? TIB1105H 12 6,800 17 Sep `12, 11:01AM by "newbie" view
Lock Lost GoreTex Item: How? Buy from eMart OR Beach Rd Army Mkt? yiha093 4 5,690 15 Sep `12, 8:54PM by yiha093 view
Lock Field Pack Balance: Bottom Heavy,Top Light? Centralise? How? MemberABC 10 5,060 15 Sep `12, 1:24AM by gLc view
Lock PES D Due to ECG: To See Cardiologist (Heart Specialist)? Deanbeanmean 2 3,470 15 Sep `12, 12:22AM by eac view
Lock ORD: My 1st ICT. What to Expect? Same as NSF? jkuah 4 4,920 14 Sep `12, 12:59PM by "newbie" view
Lock No Declare OCD @CMPB: Now How? No Specialist Memo, No Talk? Whyesee 2 2,400 11 Sep `12, 9:09PM by eac view
Lock Defer IPPT/ RT: Call NS Hotline @ 1800-3676767? How? Calicocat! 7 22,390 10 Sep `12, 9:11PM by eac view
Lock Obesity: Lose Weight to Keep Fit for Life? Say "Yes, I Can!" qwerty9191 2 2,540 10 Sep `12, 8:29PM by eac view
Lock NS: BMT Recruit Adapting to Communal Living/ Soldier's Life qwerty9191 6 4,890 09 Sep `12, 3:14PM by Mr Milo view
Lock NS Clerk: How's Life? Office Hrs? 5-Day Work Week? Stay Out? Jhearic 7 10,810 05 Sep `12, 3:08PM by StarryLight11 view
Lock Medical Board Result: Wait for Letter/ Call Medical Centre? Pathfinder07 7 5,150 02 Sep `12, 10:37PM by eac view
Lock Should Diplomacy Fails, To Secure Swift & Decisive Victory! AhBoyzx 18 3,740 02 Sep `12, 9:57PM by alize view
Lock OOC: [email protected] Corporal Rank. So Cannot Be 3SG Already? How? Qwertylol 11 5,970 02 Sep `12, 9:56PM by alize view
Lock S'pore Assault Rifle - The SAR21 Rifle Tech Spec: Zero-ing? Li hao Lim Matthew 5 3,110 02 Sep `12, 9:54PM by alize view
Lock NS Reservist ICT: RSN Tuas Defence Squadron. Do What? How? Slipknotize 3 6,020 02 Sep `12, 9:44PM by alize view
Lock Can NSF Do Moonlighting Work during NS? Do But Don't Caught? last 59seconds 37 31,510 02 Sep `12, 1:28AM by Rednano view
Lock RSAF Air Force Training Command (AFTC): How's Air Base Life? gLc 2 4,710 01 Sep `12, 11:53PM by Rednano view