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Lock NS: Posted to SPF, I Don't Like/ Not Happy. Can Ask for SAF? Wana 16 8,230 24 Jun `12, 10:03PM by alize view
Lock SWBTA, Rockhampton, Australia (Info Safe for Public Domain) Army 21 0 2,320 23 Jun `12, 6:08AM by Army 21 view
Lock ORD FFI: HIV Blood Test Screening @ Western Blot (2 Weeks)? ITmang 0 4,620 21 Jun `12, 7:04PM by ITmang view
Lock Missed CMPB Checkup Appt! Call 1800-3676767 ReSchedule ASAP? iqram 6 19,200 21 Jun `12, 1:14PM by eac view
Lock NS: Can NSFs Cycle/ Ride Bicycle to/ fro Camp/ MRT/ Home? 59seconds 13 5,210 20 Jun `12, 10:54PM by tarutaru view
Lock Directions: How to Go from Serangoon to Pasir Ris Farmway? last Bonk 26 7,070 20 Jun `12, 10:47PM by alize view
Lock Further Reporting Order for CMPB Medical Checkup: Why? How? wadwad 5 6,540 20 Jun `12, 10:27PM by eac view
Lock Re-Vocation: Decide by Coy OC & Unit's S1 Offr/ Chief Clerk? Help meE! 10 3,960 20 Jun `12, 5:59PM by alize view
Lock Prolapsed Intervertebral/ "Slipped" Disc = PES C2 & Below? the_fallen 5 6,330 19 Jun `12, 10:45PM by eac view
Lock NS Enlist: When CMPB Checkup? Wait a NS Letter in Letterbox? St2pidfreak 2 3,000 18 Jun `12, 11:45PM by eac view
Lock BMT: Give Hospital Memo to MO. OOC? Post Out? Vocation? How? Drakelord732 3 2,070 18 Jun `12, 1:09PM by Drakelord732 view
Lock Prep for NS: PES Bp. Train Up Physical Fitness? Lose Weight? qwerty9191 5 5,320 17 Jun `12, 4:23PM by brokenluv view
Lock NS Defer: Post-Secondary Further Studies Till Pre-U Only? Jeff1244 2 3,040 16 Jun `12, 11:21PM by eac view
Lock Please Check NS Enlist Date @ http://iprep.ns.sg & www.NS.sg Stanleylimee 4 14,550 16 Jun `12, 12:20AM by eac view
Lock NS: 14Days Annual Leave/Year? Is Dental Centre Asst 8-5 Job? Justmeandme 0 1,750 15 Jun `12, 11:08PM by Justmeandme view
Lock Are Vocation Postings Randomised by HQ CMPB's CPC/HQ School? the stig91 5 2,270 15 Jun `12, 6:35PM by tarutaru view
Lock Military Camps: Yes, As Long As Non-Camera Hand/Smart Phone! Contactdesmond 4 7,280 13 Jun `12, 10:42PM by Contactdesmond view
Lock You'll Never Walk Alone: Reservist NSman's 1st ICT @Mid-30s? Jontst78 21 4,990 13 Jun `12, 10:33PM by kengkia view
Lock PR Mother Ask SG Govt: Should 2nd-Gen PR Sons Even Serve NS? Lazybumy 7 4,270 12 Jun `12, 11:56PM by Li hao Lim Matthew view
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Lock Sign On MDES: Pls Unclassified Info Only. General Work Info? cout << user 2 2,430 11 Jun `12, 7:22AM by Delirious_prince view
Lock With All My Conditions, What PES? Do NS as a Clerk? Siam NS? Troy Simha 9 3,230 10 Jun `12, 8:41PM by eac view
Lock Sign On: ADF Enlisted Men. Salary Range? Good? Short Term? Johan_88 14 11,850 10 Jun `12, 12:24PM by alize view
Lock Want to Buy: GoreTex Jacket Z Michael SN 5 5,020 10 Jun `12, 12:23PM by alize view
Lock Never Go CMPB Med Checkup, Call 1800-3676767 to Re-Schedule? SgMal 2 2,330 08 Jun `12, 8:31PM by eac view